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The smartphone drives Taiwan plastic course of study anabiosises moderately

Published on:2014/11/28 11:22:20

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Introduction:The smartphone drives Taiwan although amplitude is not big,plastic course of study anabiosises moderately, but he makes known his position to had impr...

The smartphone drives Taiwan although amplitude is not big,plastic course of study anabiosises moderately, but he makes known his position to had improved somewhat than first half of the year, the forehead of plastic balata exit first half of the year is compared the corresponding period glided 2013 about 2 to 599.6 million dollar. And on one year annual exit glided 6. Wu Zhengwei says: Although not be very breathtaking amplitude, but see other economy body add fast, this is occupied still is pretty good. He at the same time also X-RITE528 reflex densimeter is the vertical that is located in peach garden the machine that note model produces business the general manager of Inc. of 100 model enterprise. As a result of IPhone6 appear on the market, I believe to be able to expect a few months are obtained in the future more substantially growth. We still received many order of SamSung. The facility that Taiwan machinery industry has 80 above is exported abroad, and our country mainland is the biggest export market, occupy the 25-30 that exports total. Taiwan is the whole world machinery of the 5th big plastic balata produces the ground, on one year total production value amounts to 1.51 billion dollar. The Taiwan of 23 million population is in alone concentration of the height on plastic dimensions, it is the whole world the 4th old plastic machine exports the ground, be next to Bijidade's much economic system Germany, Italy to follow Japan. Taiwan creates a company, be like Fuji health, it is the main supplier of malic company, supply in global electron product hold the balance in catenary. Wu Zhengwei earlies childhood to say, the growth of automobile manufacturing industry also produced an enterprise to arise to drive to this locality machinery. Pass hardship after 2013, taiwan industry anabiosises in second half of the year of the current year is small, and exit forehead glided 2013 6.2 to 1.26 billion dollar, TAMI adds this end at our country economy fast the economic depression be caused by that decelerate follows euro area country. But in before the current year 8 months, taiwan restores somewhat to the mechanical exit of our country mainland. Exit forehead is climbed litre 6 to 227.3 million dollar. To the exit of Vietnam of market of the 2nd big export the forehead jumps 30 to 73.5 million dollar, make Vietnam exceeds Thailand to follow Indonesian the export target land with become Taiwan important. The state of other market is fond of care half. Taiwan enterprise all through the ages basically supplies rising market of the Asia, but the exit specified number that the current year follows the developed country such as the United States in Japan also has remarkable growth. To the exit of Japan of the 5th big market the forehead is climbed litre 20 to 37.5 million dollar, grow 26 to come to beautiful exit 32.6 million dollar, the United States becomes his market of the 6th big export. But glide somewhat to the exit forehead of a few main rising markets: Right Indonesian (the 3rd big) with Thailand (the 4th big) exit forehead slid respectively 3 with 29. To the exit of India of the 7th big market the forehead is decreased suddenly 39. Taiwan company says, they are trying to increase the export that follows hamster to Africa, middle east, South America, and had obtained remarkable results, although starting point is opposite inferior. TAMI exhibits an analysis report that can prepare to say for this: The biggest problem that industry of plastic balata machinery faces Taiwan depends on paying attention to our country mainland overly to follow southeast Asia market. TAMI director Xu Xiucang says, taiwan enterprise got Turkey, India reduces the adverse effect that follows devaluation with the burgeoning nation investment such as southeast Asia. 56 what our country mainland occupies Taiwan machinery to export total in all with southeast Asia, and middle east, Africa, South America follows central america to be occupied only respectively to 7. But trade statistic data shows, latter growth is remarkable is those lesser markets. For example, on one year Taiwan exports the forehead to jump to Russia 49 to 24 million dollar, and to Mexico exit forehead was to grow 67 more, reach 23 million dollar. Export the forehead on one year to be climbed respectively with the Algerian to Nigeria, south Africa rose 61, 21 with 26, achieve 15.5 million dollar, 13.1 million dollar to follow 10.9 million dollar. Trade official declares, value the current year will appear in four quarters improve. Male Taiwan of vice-chairman of committee of major of machinery of TAMI model balata, shake is in charge of Wang Cheng high to say: In light of the ability that according to us contented client norms asks, my growth development trend to second half of the year of the current year is very upbeat. Shake hero is built in Taiwan have a mechanical manufacturer. Exhibit this can sponsor also just make known his position, exhibit meeting audience to follow those who exhibit trade measure to increased to also prove the confidence of the market is in. By a definite date 5 days exhibit this can attract 18600 audiences to show up, than 2012 previous term or session exhibits meeting growth 17, sea exterior mode is 2700 person-time in the center, amplitude 8. Share 530 enterprises ginseng to exhibit, exhibit than previous term or session can grow 12. Sponsor honest officer to say, be located in south Taipei inside the saloon ground of harbor build the 2nd to exhibit a house, hopeful is in 2018 below exhibit meeting investment to apply.

Key-word:Balata machinery, plastic course of study, plastic and mechanical, record model machine, balata, car