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Handkerchief releases inject of global head money to reduce the system that blow bottle on the west

Published on:2014/11/28 11:23:08

Keyword:Mould, PET, colophony
Introduction:Recently, italy on the west handkerchief (Sipa) company holds in Yuniulunbao German beer, brew and beverage equipment technology were exhibited 2014 o...

Recently, italy on the west handkerchief (Sipa) company holds in Yuniulunbao German beer, brew and beverage equipment technology were exhibited 2014 on publish a new system -- XTREME Sincro, handkerchief will adopt this PET bottle to produce a system on the west in the future.
Handkerchief says on the west, XTREME Sincro is " inject of global head money reduces the system that blow bottle " , can produce business to bring many profit for PET bottle. "The only course system of such one advantage assembled the flexibility of dual class system. " on the west say of Enrico Gribaudo of handkerchief general manager.
"We plan to create the manufacturing facilities that gives an ideal, " Gribaudo say, "Our purpose is compact, agile and the operation is handy, specific power consumption is low, handle PET gently as far as possible with lasting the high quality; of material can be in it is OK that ideal finished product does not give to handle; below the premise that the in any way destroys bottle embryo productivity can be outstanding but weight is light the bottle that has a product on any markets, use an amount with respect to what can reduce PET so. I feel to pass XTREME Sincro, we achieved all goals. "
Handkerchief says on the west, the bottle embryo that reduces systematic production through XTREME inject shapes than traditional inject the lightest bottle embryo of a production is light still 10% , and won't sacrifice any main function. Quite once upon a time, body can be reduced further with the weight of bottom. Till recently, the length of bottle embryo follows a wall thick than (L/t) is highest can amount to 45, and handkerchief XTREME technology can make L/t comparing is amounted to on the west 80.
Inject is compressed shape solved the problem that leaves fill pattern in Bao Bi state. Injecting in the begining, the pattern light putt drives, after fill comes true, shut a mould again. This is meant can exert inferior inject pressure, the force locking up a model with inferior need (be helpful for lengthening mould life) , and melt the pressure on content is lesser -- that is to say aldehyde standard is reduced, colophony is inherent viscosity drops lesser. Production is compared before the bottle embryo with thinner bottom has become a possibility.
Through rotating the structure follows pneumatic operation, XTREME is perfect suit prefab piece shape to move with the conformity that blows model. In XTREME Sincro system, stand-alone rotates with new generation of a SFR EVO3 directly type but the adjustable forming machine that blow model connects connection.
The feature includes: The new design of the unit that lock up a model and cam can help SFR EVO3 finish every speech horary 2, the top yield of 250 PET bottle. Group of ventilated a powerful person also passes new design, than before more compact, out-of-the-way air cubage decreases 35% .
Following XTREME bottle embryo to shape is uniform standard same, SFR EVO3 also has mould of a new standard to change a system, the operation is handy and rapid. Cold fill installs the manufacturing changeover that packs container with hot fill to also become more simple. Because still be in when heat addition circulatory system,this is housing when, cooling circulatory system has been secured at model inside antrum. Need to change simply only model antrum can change another kind from the production of a kind of container, and housing still be in formerly.

Key-word:Mould, PET, colophony