The mainstream development direction of industry of our country package machine is clear already

Published on:2014/11/28 11:23:37

Keyword:Package machine, stick sign chance, manipulator
Introduction:Individual character is packed begin be current at present, the number pressworks the technology that pack more and more get of the market approbate, ...

Individual character is packed begin be current
Current, the number pressworks the technology that pack more and more get of the market approbate, short edition presswork emerges in endlessly, individual character packs presswork to had become brand business to use one of effective tools that attract a client. The beverage industry Coke Cola with famous whole world has thrown his actual application, through be different the bottle that pack pressworks personalized label increased market proportion, first-rate promoted company brand consequence, the height that acquired the market is approbated. Those who need ambitious shift is, coke Cola just begins merely, there had been many brand businesses to begin to give individuation to pack for consumer on the market at present. For example is absolutely vodka, wine tastes label to choose 4 million unique individuation designs, ling Jicheng is the true love of consumer.
The technology is continueing to progress
Current, technical innovation already produced major impetus in the industry that pack. Group of henry family name follows company of strong bend beer to strive to be delivered for consumer on product outer packing piece energy, in open when packing, appear piece soft following light.
Although pack course of study to endeavoring to adopt new technology at present, but the thing that still can exist to must be not finished. For example, it is very difficult that the commodity of online shop sale is packed divisional, express member always discern very hard when deliver goods give wrap up to have why different. If brand business can pack the goods of work off the package that follows other report business to distinguish of place, that result will differ greatly.
We answer after all this how does technical application go to these innovation to be packed specificly in nostalgic feeling is met all along exists, natural and concise design, contain a lot ofconcept of green environmental protection pack total meeting to win consumer to admit really, emphasize functional sex pack also can make consumer obtains accident surprise.
Main trend of industry of Chinese package machine develops direction to already was made clear
China marchs high speed develops level, package machine endeavors to open Euramerican international market. And should enter an international market successfully, one angle is concerned with the technical level of our country package machine, another angle also is concerned with the configuration of market of American package machine. Liberalize as what a height develops the market, phenomenon of polarization of manufacturer of American package machine is outstanding.
Current, the evolution of world advanced package machine already appeared machine giving market, report, gas, fluid, smooth, magnetism, unripe the impetus that is an organic whole, of production efficient change, the product is energy-saving can reclaim change, new and high technology is practical change, intelligence is changed already became development tendercy, the mainstream that this also should be course of study of Chinese package machine this develops way.
The product of cabinet exquisite electron that tries the equipment, device that make a yard in order to detect to be a delegate gets flourishing in American development; And what give priority to in order to heat up shrink packaging machine, wrapping machine with the machine that seal box is general-purpose package machine also is had quite portion; Hold the production line of large package machine that the machine, machine that stick label, close over machine gives priority to with fill, the United States basically has not been produced, the market is an entrance entirely almost equipment, special the equipment place that is production of manufacturer of heart, meaning is held.
Production level of our country package machine is passed with industrial design level imitate, introduce a technology to be purchased with capital and globalization wait for means to be able to develop quickly. The package machine of our country makes an enterprise be purchased very easily through globalization today obtain component of a few core, thereby the technical level of rapid hoist follows dependability.
On the product with inferior content of a few technologies, many package machine that instantly our country produces, can have satisfied the requirement of American market, be in the most likely short-term inside gain revolutionary headway. But in full automatic the packer, machine that stick label, machine that seal box follows the equipment such as manipulator to go up, the machine that our country makes still cannot be the same as competition of product of heart, meaning, day.
Adopt a technique rise with optimize, what the high end that finish packages facility is homebred change be can be expected soon, and through new and high technology continuity application follows drive, arm the integral standard that follows aggrandizement industry, china also will forward the direction of the world center that pack continues to advance.

Key-word:Package machine, stick sign chance, manipulator