Application of high and new technology to accelerate the development of packaging machinery

Published on:2015/1/5 11:25:18

Keyword:Packing machine, labeling machine, analyzer, manipulator
Introduction:At present, the digital printing and packaging technology is more and more by the market recognition, short version printing emerge in endlessly, pers...

at present, the digital printing and packaging technology more and more get the recognition of the market, the short version printing emerge in endlessly, personality packaging printed matter has become one of the effective tools of commercial brand to attract customers.World famous beverage enterprises coke has put it into practical application, through to different packing bottle printing personalized labels increased market share, is very good to enhance the brand influence, enterprises obtain the height of the market.Need to stress is that Coca-Cola is just a beginning, has been on the market at present there are many brands are beginning to give personalized packaging for consumer.Such as absolute vodka, wine label chooses 4 million unique personalized design, make its become the love of consumers.

at present, the technology innovation in the packaging industry has had a major driving force.Heinz group with strong bow on the product packaging are beer company strive to convey the positive energy for the consumer, took on a soft and light when opened the package, etc.

although the packaging industry is trying to adopt new technology, but there is still not complete.Online store sell commodity packaging, for example, it is difficult to distinguish, Courier when delivery is often difficult to tell why don't have the same package.If brands can be sold with another electrical contractor packaging of goods are differentiated, the result will be different.

we should have the how to apply these innovations to specific packaging?Natural and concise design, rich in the concept of green environmental protection packing will always win the customers confirmation, functional packaging will make consumers get surprise.

China packing machinery into high speed development stage, try to open the Europe and the United States in the international market.To successfully enter the international market, a point of view related to the technology level of packaging machinery in our country, another Angle is related to the packaging machinery market form.As a highly developed market liberalisation, the packaging machinery manufacturers polarization phenomenon is obvious.

at present, the world's advanced CA - 210 color analyzer for the development of packaging machinery has present a set of machine, electricity, gas, liquid, optical, magnetic, as one of the momentum, the production of high efficiency, energy conservation and recycling of products, the practical application of new and high technology, intelligent has become a trend, it should also be the development direction is the mainstream of China's packaging machinery.

represented by testing instruments, code device of the cabinet and delicate electronic products have flourishing development in America;With heat shrinkable packaging machine, wrapping machine and sealing machine universal packaging machinery also has a share;With filling machine, labeling machine, capping machine to give priority to large packaging machinery production line, basically has not production in the United States, almost all market for imported equipment, for the German and Italian manufacturer production equipment.

China's packaging machinery manufacturing level with industrial design level by imitating, introduction of technology and capital, and global purchasing way to rapid development.Packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises in China of today is very easy to make some core parts through the global procurement and rapidly improving technology level and reliability of the equipment.

on some low technical content, present a number of production of packaging machinery in our country, has been able to meet the requirements of the U.S. market, and the most possible breakthrough in a short time.But in the automatic packing machine, labeling machine, sealing machine and manipulator device, such as our country's machinery manufacturing has unable to compete with Germany, Italy, Japan products.

through technology improvement and optimization, the localization is just around the corner of the high-end packaging equipment, and through the use of high and new technology to continue to push, armed with strengthening the overall level of the industry, China will continue to move forward in the direction of the center of the world packaging.

Key-word:Packing machine, labeling machine, analyzer, manipulator