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In 2014 China's top ten plastic mold enterprise

Published on:2015/1/5 15:16:55

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Introduction:Nina Ying, Sun | plastic 2014\/8\/15 news released in China in Beijing time @ 04:19 recently published a research report named the top ten in China wi...

Nina Ying, Sun | plastic news 2014\/8\/15 @ 04:19

our country issued in Beijing time

Recently published a research report named the top ten in China with plastic film companies, the list shows the development trend of regional industrial concentration.

Forward-looking industry research institute "in 2014-2018 Chinese plastic mold industry transformation and upgrading of development prospect forecast and analysis report, statistics show that in 2014 China's top ten plastic mould enterprise list as follows (in no particular order) :

Jiangyin molding group co., LTD.,

Hon precision mold (kunshan) co., LTD.,

Hi-p (tianjin) electronics co., LTD.,

St beautiful precision industry (kunshan) co., LTD.,

Dongguan jin sheng precision components co., LTD.,

Shenzhen silver baoshan new technology co., LTD.,

Hong Kong billion with precision industry holding co., LTD.,

Perlos (guangzhou) engineering plastics co., LTD.,

Shenzhen chang red mold technology co., LTD.,

Ningbo country shuanglin mould has limited company

In the top five in the pearl river delta region, two is located in shenzhen city.

Another four concentrated in the Yangtze river delta region, two of kunshan city.

The report also said that China plastic mold industry in 2012 to complete the sales income is 83.545 billion yuan, up 13.21% from a year earlier.

The industry's growth peaked in 2009 and 2009, respectively, completed with 32 MCP - T370.12 % year-on-year growth of 25.42%.

Key-word:Mold, engineering plastics, plastic film