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Improve the mold processing equipment Ascension mould processing performance

Published on:2015/1/7 11:29:09

Keyword:Mould, quality, and the alloy
Introduction:The rapid development of China's mold industry has occupied a place in the world field slowly, though, in contrast, there are still some high and new ...

the rapid development of China's mold industry has occupied a place in the world field slowly, though, in contrast, there are still some high and new technology, but to continue efforts to innovation in science and technology personnel has always been in the forward.
with three coordinate measuring machine, scanner, laser and trace technology continues to develop, "online measurement" make measuring machine to complete the "tools", which requires the stronger adaptability, detection technology to high speed, high precision and high adaptability.Three coordinate measuring machine's main function is through contact or non-contact way such as the laser scanning coordinate data collection, through data processing, implementation artifacts of reengineering to be tested.Modern measuring technology continues to melt into the product research and development, under the system of reverse engineering design, manufacturing, mold and mold design and manufacturing of parts not scoring relation even more significant.International mould and plastic hardware industry suppliers association director luo hui said, the current mold enterprise to mold as the carrier, actively explore the mold parts production is an important mode of production, mold enterprise procurement stamping equipment demand.In 2007 China's production of molding equipment 173000 units, CNC molding equipment of 3000 & have spentTaiwan;Imported forging stamping equipment 3844 sets, and other molding equipment 4671 Taiwan.
as we have learned, now the world cutting tool sales of more than $10 billion, industry developed in Europe, North America, Japan Australia three big market occupies 75% - 75%.In Asia, is also an important market in our country.In current manufacturing in the developed countries, the adoption of carbide cutting tools have accounted for more than 70%, the proportion of traditional HSS cutting tools below 30%, with global competition of China's machinery manufacturing, is growing on efficiency of seeking, mould enterprise for high precision, high efficiency, high reliability, and the demand of the specificity of the modern, efficient cutting tool is becoming more and more urgent, carbide cutting tools, ceramic cutting tools has been used widely in the mold enterprise.
according to the luo hui roughly estimated tool demand in China for more than 8 billion yuan, high precision, high efficiency, high reliability of modern cutting tools, such as hard alloy with ceramic superhard cutting tool steel indexable tool consumption is about 1.5 billion yuan, 80% - 80% of imports, imports accounted for more than 90% of mould manufacturing using tools.The complexity of the mold, precision requirements needed for the quality of the cutting tool is more excellent, foreign many well-known tool manufacturers, such as: Sweden SANDVIK, mountain high SECO tool company, the blue signs, SPINNER, NIKKEN company, DIJET Japan Japan, BIG, OSG, Japan's sumitomo electrician.
international mould and plastic hardware industry suppliers association director luo hui said, mould processing equipment to improve processing performance, the main body now:
1. Molding parts of increasingly large parts with high productivity requires more than a mold cavity, the increasingly large mould, large-tonnage big mould can reach 100 tons, a die hundreds, thousands of cavity, the cavity mould processing equipment large workbench, expanding Y Z axis stroke, large bearing, high rigidity, high consistency.
2. Mould processing of die steel materials, high hardness, request mould processing equipment has a thermal stability, high reliability.
(3) for complex cavity with multifunctional composite mould, as parts of complicated shape, must want to enhance the level of mold design and manufacturing, a variety of groove, a variety of material in a mold forming or assemble components of multifunctional composite mould, requires large amount of processing programming procedures, with comprehensive Gao Shenkong cavity cutting ability with high stability, improve the processing difficulty.4.
mould processing compound, high efficiency for the fine machining equipment of more attention.Of high speed milling with machining hardened steel, high stability, small cutting force, the workpiece temperature deformation, and many other advantages to make the mold enterprise of high speed machining is becoming more and more attention.5.
& have spentHigh dynamic accuracy.Shows that the static performance of machine tool manufacturing enterprise (such as repeated positioning accuracy, linear feed rate) in the mold 3 d type surface processing, can not reflect the actual processing conditions.Of 3 d surface mold precision machining, said the high dynamic accuracy requirements, the performance of high speed and high precision but also in the machine tool of high rigidity, high thermal stability, high reliability, and quality control system may not complete match.
6. Processing technique combined with green products will be within the scope of enterprises into consideration when purchasing equipment of electric machine radiation, medium selection will be safe, steel impact factors, the electric fire steel milling technology will be developed in the field of mould processing in the future.
7. Composite application of various measuring technology, high speed measuring and reverse engineering become push mold with product development, design and technology development direction.

Key-word:Mould, quality, and the alloy