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Analysis of rotomolding technology features

Published on:2015/1/16 11:20:29

Keyword:Mold, ethylene, polyethylene, injection molding
Introduction:Roll forming and injection molding, blow molding and so on all is one of the plastic molding process.Roll forming process is the powdered plastic into...

Plastic molding with injection molding, blow molding, such as
is one of the plastic molding process.
roll forming process is the powdered plastic into the mold, then rotate and heating at the same time, mould powder gradually melt adhesive in the cavity, the cooling finalize the design and produce plastic products.
of rotational molding concept originated in Britain in
, the first patents of rotational molding.The plastic were not invented yet.Plastic molding machine, produced the first 1934 with PVC roll forming process to produce the plastic ball, children's toys and other products.In the 60 s,
China use the soft PVC ball roll forming production;Make volume plastic polyethylene containers of 200 l and 1500 l, etc.In the 90 s began to rapid development.
roll forming features:1.
& have spentSuitable for manufacturing large and super large products.2.
& have spentEquipment and mold the selectivity is more, strong adaptability.3.
& have spentA molding products, no stress, not changeful form, no juncture, high strength.4.
& have spentSuitable for many varieties, small batch products.5.
& have spentSuitable for forming hollow shape of complex products.6.
& have spentSave raw materials, and easy to change color.

Key-word:Mold, ethylene, polyethylene, injection molding