Refund the robot industry countries in foreign companies accounted for more than 70% share

Published on:2015/1/27 9:24:02

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Introduction:The current robot has become the world's largest market in China, but local robot research and development manufacturing level is still at a disadvant...

The current robot has become the world's largest market in China, but local robot research and development manufacturing level is still at a disadvantage in the international competition.Key components of the core technology for attack means, severe block robot and the benign development of the industry in China, and intensified industry & other;Countries throughout the yankees into & back;The danger.

International federation of robotics statistics show that 2013 foreign-invested enterprises in China more than 27000 units, the total sales of industrial robot year-on-year increase of 20% X-ray RITE528 reflection densitometer, occupied more than 70% of the market in our country.

Key parts short board,

Slow down, the controller with the servo motors, known as the three key components of the robot, the three key components, combined with the ontology, can become a complete industrial robots.Although there are many local Chinese robot enterprises at present, the RV harmonic slow down, slow down machine, servo motor to drive, controller and other industrial robot key components technology and foreign brands still have quite a gap, many companies rely on imports.

Column, such as, China's enterprises manufacturing industrial robot of slow down very much needed to slow down device manufacturers to buy in Japan, is representative of Japan, bothe tusk with hammer, new, slow down of the two occupies a dominant position in the market.Japan yaskawa servo motor to Europe and the United States the most high-end brand is the world's largest supplier of servo motor.

According to the personage inside course of study suggests, the key components of so so important, because it is performance is closely linked with the robot.In key parts of the core of slow down, for example, precision speed down device makes the robot servo motor at an appropriate speed running, and accurately will speed to the speed of each part of the industrial robots need, enhance mechanical rigid body greater torque output at the same time, so the robot joint speed down requirements have short transmission chain, small size, large power, light weight and easy to control, etc.

Compared with foreign products, domestic key parts there are still many gaps.China academy of engineering, Harbin industrial university professor he-gao CAI of mechanical and electrical control and automation, China key parts and components, special is slow down the life, performance and noise control, etc.& other;Mechanical arm movement is very complex, for example, have fast or slow is against, we not slow down device requirements, reliability and quality also not line.We slow down the noise big, very quiet.Throughout the &;

Harbin industrial university, deputy director of the robotics institute rui-feng li, proven by a large number of foreign robot, and the stability of a domestic robot and precision of life, often can not meet the expectations.Robots require high-performance dynamic experience, but only in continue to test the performance test, static, it is very unpredictable.

& other;People are proven by a lot of, you should just production, keep several years not bad?So it must be word of mouth to support, to wait for demonstration.Throughout the &;Rui-feng li said.

This in the process of dongguan half of high-tech automation co., LTD is especially significant.The company is the national & other;One thousand people plan & throughout;Experts, the United States, Kansas state university engineering college of materials science, ZhuangDeJin and established team led by Dr Enterprise in guangdong dongguan songshan lake, just a few years successfully applied for 6 patents, among 3 for invention patents.

After many years with great concentration, and ZhuangDeJin and his team developed world first level of absolute encoder, it is closely related to the servo motor of a basis for the key parts and components, to break the monopoly in the field of foreign giants on this, the product not only obtained from places such as German industry recognition of authority, and the selling price is only one of several very foreign giants.

Luo sun, however, the vice general manager in will be the lead product of independent innovation technology to dongguan a large manufacturing enterprise promotion when they touch the wall.

The large manufacturing business owners, the use of robots each worth millions of dollars, all key components from foreign manufacturers, and half of high-tech production of encoder is not a long time stability test, enterprises may not can the cost of the key parts in order to save encoder, take on the whole equipment for half of high-tech given does not match the encoder and the risk of damage.The business owners, unless half of high-tech can take out long-term stability test report, or even the quality of the encoder again good, price is low, they cannot use.

Industry competitiveness weakening

The present domestic robot ontology in the company but the guangzhou CNC, ace, nanjing, shenyang siasun robot, etc. A few companies in the control system, with independent research and development of key parts such as servo motor drive.Many domestic companies just to buy imported components integration after assembling robot, lack of key technologies.The personage inside course of study concerns, in the long term, & other;Key components of short & throughout;Will cause the local enterprise survival space will be squeezed, & other;Countries throughout the yankees into & back;Dangerous amplification.

Because of the lack of key parts and components technology, Chinese enterprises in purchasing bargaining space narrow, high costs, market competitiveness is not strong.

Chinese academy of sciences, shenzhen institute of advanced technology, deputy director of the center of intelligent bionic robot and intelligent system of guangdong province, deputy director of key laboratory of xin-yu wu, in the cost of industrial robots, costs accounted for the highest speed machine, accounts for about 35%, accounted for about 25% of the servo motor, controller accounted for about 15%, robot ontology accounted for less than 25% in the total cost.If lack of key technologies, enterprise ontology robot can control the profit is limited.Nanjing some robot production enterprise, motor, controller, speed down machine are all imported from Japan, because the cost is too high to make ends meet.

With domestic robot company serious dependence on imported key parts in contrast, the international brand industrial robot manufacturers many key components is given, such as Japan fanuc numerical control system is one of the world's largest professional production manufacturers, yaskawa with panasonic is one of the world's largest motor manufacturer, which makes them have a natural advantage in cost.In addition, foreign industrial robot manufacturers with the main line of key parts and components manufacturers long-term cooperation has become strategic tacit understanding, due to the large amount of purchase and be able to get more favorable price.

& other;Factors together and lead to the independent brand industrial robot manufacturers of key parts of the purchase price is usually much higher than international brand industrial robot manufacturer, is passed to the terminal price competitiveness is not strong or only choice performance is difficult to guarantee the independent brand of parts.Throughout the &;Industry sources said.

Lack of key technologies, the selective mainstream market of domestic enterprises.The economic information daily, reporter survey found that compared with foreign products, the current domestic robots are non-standard products.

& other;Key parts is carrying, production of non-standard just expediency.Although can meet the requirement of domestic small and medium-sized enterprise is complicated, but difficult to mass production, 10% of the market share, there are more than 100 enterprises white-hot competition, it is difficult to produce giant enterprises.Throughout the &;Industry research institute robot senior analyst Chen peng said.

Tianjin a robot production enterprises, general manager of the truth, constrained by cost considerations, such as enterprise settle for second best using domestic speed down, both accuracy and life difficult with foreign products, which determine the mid-range route products can go.

Other key components are difficult to sell also rendered the late maintenance disciplined by others.In 2009, Shanghai zhenhua heavy industries dubai automation terminal a foreign brands slow down is a massive failure, expensive and inefficient enterprises very passive maintenance.Staff He Gang said, at present the zhenhua use of slow down production by oneself, one is made in calculator does not equal to global sourcing benefits, but with foreign high speed down device after cost, production or cost-effective.

While in use, the negative effect also emerge.In energy conservation and solar technology (zhenjiang) co., LTD., the use of more than 30 robot is worth more than 4500 4500 yuan, with no exception are foreign brands.The company equipment management, vice minister of li-min xu said, these foreign brands manipulator greatly save labor costs, improve the company's productivity.Later, however, because of the existence of technical barriers, maintain a lot of time to pursue these vendors support, and every time is charging, this leads to use robots cost is high.Comparison is the maintenance cost concern, however, he was more worried about stability has not proven domestic robot products and problems.

& other;Industrial robot if installed on the production line, once broken, it means that will affect the whole production line, this is we can't bear.So the use of foreign brands robot, and helpless.Throughout the &;He said.

In robot domestic enterprises is a captive at the same time, foreign manufacturers have begun to robot in domestic large & other;Branching out & throughout;.Today, ABB, library card, fanuc, yaskawa international robot leading enterprises to speed up to set up or increase the pace of the affiliated factory in China.Library card in Shanghai in 2012 to open its outside of the world's first overseas factory in Germany, annual production capacity of 5000 units, accounting for a third of its global output.

Technical research draw water

As early as the mid - 1980 - s start at the beginning of the national 863 plan, the robot was included in the key research fields;& other;> & throughout;Also on all the time, since the robot industry & other;Five-year & throughout;Planning is more to it as a national strategic emerging industries.But nearly 30 years in the past, the robot key components technology still discouraged from attack, and master of none.

To this, a number of industry insiders say difficult to understand, & other;Key parts have several rounds of technical research, money is not count, why only to draw water with a sieve?Throughout the &;

A part with 863 plan robot study target, scientists say 863 project in promoting the positive role in the development of robot is, but also left many detours.

863 plan, he says, is to locate and trace the foreign advanced level at the beginning, seek high performance and high index, do not have too much attention to domestic need, later, the guiding ideology of change, come out & other;Will and trace will lay eggs along the way & throughout;.The present guiding ideology is huge demand for the country's economic development services, a lot of project to the enterprise as the leading factor, to industrialization.

& other;Make robots is learn foreign at first, in our country in the 1980 s was included in the plan, but Japan has been industrialized in the 80 s.After 30 years, we have not Japan's first year of the degree of industrialization degree is high, we are slower than the somebody else.Some people say that 2014 is the first year of our robot, we actually walking at least 30 years.Throughout the &;He said.

Except along the deviation on the development direction, development and use between severe is also the important reason of key parts for research for a long time.A robot manufacturers, for some universities and enterprises, scientific research project is to get money.& other;We have cooperation with a university, and began to penny money project, to actually use in research and development of less than ten percent, the effect is.Throughout the &;

Ace, nanjing automation co., LTD., the chief engineer Wang Jiegao think that r&d & otherXiaBuQu test bench, not into the market throughout the &;Phenomenon is widespread, has long been some huge subject of science and technology achievements are from university and research institute, research institutions, research result appraisals tend to focus on with awards, rather than the market.Published a paper, teacher professional evaluation, graduate students, is the only think not how for application.

& other;Institute of robot can walk move at first glance, but you really need it precision welding, but is not allowed for solder joints.Technology innovation is not to do as a sample, but to make goods, there is also a technology into products & lsquo;The last one kilometer & rsquo;, we just in the link of relief.Throughout the &;Kunshan huaheng welding co., LTD., vice general manager of Qian Luhong said.

Key components technology couldn't get on for a long time, and also the national industrial system foundation is weak.Many in the industry, the development of robot depends on the equipment manufacturing industry the ascent of the whole country, it is a systemic problem.Even if is a giant in the field, is also on a platform for technology sharing to stay ahead.

Columns such as, slow down machine with servo motor of bearing, gear accuracy requirement is high, the domestic materials cannot meet the requirements of the robot, and the gear machining accuracy depends on the ability of high-end CNC machine tools, closely related with the precision of the nc machine tool equipment, in the field of nc machine tools, our country was still in the stage of technological catch-up.Processing technology gap covers the basic materials and manufacturing technology level gap between two angles.

China's industrial robots in the future demand for key parts.Respondents and expert thinks, in creating the good market environment, let robot enterprises get healthy development at the same time, countries have to promote the research of perfecting the multi-level system, speed up the fundamental research, another Angle should be issued as soon as possible the robot industry and related technology of national standards, key technology research and development research for booster.

Key-word:Robot, manipulator, solar energy