With machine substitution pace: dongguan toward smart move forward

Published on:2015/1/27 9:24:11

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Introduction:With the rise of the global wave of "machine substitution", in dongguan, a number of automation equipment enterprises afraid to fall behind, expanded ...

as the rise of "substitution" machine wave in the global, in dongguan, a number of automation equipment enterprises afraid to fall behind, expanded r&d, to give priority to with artificial intelligence programming of the robot research and transformation.The future of these enterprises is the manipulator with mobile robot used in the factory of the whole production line, to the real "unmanned factory".

from the rail to trackless mobile robot are promisingAfter

, "a lot of automation company turned to the robot industry tend to itself as a 'do automation integration solutions suppliers. But really can bring qualitative change to manufacturing or master key technology at the same time, to do professional fine product GenCha alienation."Rui peng, general manager of robot hole with said.

It is in this

rui peng robot under the background of transformation.The news that manufacturing in the field of industrial robot sort is more, represented by transport handling class robot of mobile robot, this is rui peng specializing in direction of the robot.Since 2012, rui peng in just a year, it has realized the knapsack, traction type, latent type, drum, service class and so on five big series more than 10 varieties of mobile robot research and development and production.


peng how mobile robot product exhibition hall of the robot.In material warehouse, with robot loaded with material, in accordance with the requirements of path planning with homework accurately "walk" dock to the specified location, can automatically loading, loading and unloading, and a series of actions.


mobile robot can move back and forth freely, without collision?This is because each robot has its own orbit, magnetic stripe first according to the planned path is stuck on the ground, the robot on the drive unit of magnetic induction magnetic strip tracking sensor magnetic field signal to complete guidance, let the robot run along the magnetic stripe.

is obvious, the use of robots can not only improve the production efficiency and product quality, and can reduce the enterprise cost.Rui peng robot head of marketing, in the large-scale production, a mobile robot can take the place of two to four workers, can help enterprises to save costs, this is the robot to the enterprise value.It can give workers from various risks and bad environment, put more liberated from repeated labor, labor engaged in creative work, this can say is the social value of the robot.

"the present, the domestic mobile robot navigation approach adopted by main is guided by a magnetic stripe," said peng robot head of marketing, rui peng robots are also developing by laser flexible mobile robot navigation, the moment has been developed in the laboratory, is still in debugging stage, will soon be put into the market.

research and development to the "unmanned production line" in

not long ago, the dongguan ze robot technology co., LTD. From humen officially stationed in south, the enterprises in the liquid control technology and automatic dispensing equipment strength accumulation, has developed "dispensing robot".

to be exact, the "dispensing robot" should be called "multi-joint manipulator device" or "more joint point glue robot".This device combines computer, information and sensing technology, artificial intelligence, bionics multidisciplinary and the formation of a high and new technology such as electronic machinery, can realize automatic fetching, glue series of actions, such as error can continue to within 0.02 mm.

Says He Zeyi, general manager of the

jersey robot technology co., LTD., the current products have been into the laboratory debugging stage, through the experiment of a period of time to adjust, will enter the market.Before He Zeyi establish a robotics, He Zeyi was founded in Hong Kong yi da technology co., LTD., is more than a decade has always been engaged in fluid control technology and application in the field of electronic equipments in modern industrial production, products include automatic dispensing platform, trend curve points machine, the temperature control system, the rubber valve control system, dispensing supplies series and so on.When the benefit of science and technology in the domestic liquid control technology with the dispensing equipment industry has established the first position, its customers are more lite-on, foxconn, Taiwan and other well-known OEM companies.

the quickening pace of transformation and upgrading of domestic manufacturing, represented by the robot intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises are regarded as the future years may complete the blowout one of major development areas.He Zeyi also is foreseen for such a big trends early, so that he will move to science and technology business atmosphere more strong south, founded the ze robot, the research and development to develop overseas market segment on the south side.

He Zeyi said that error can continue to within 0.02 mm "dispensing robot" is not the end.In the future to "unmanned point glue production line".

still need to support domestic robot research and development enterprises

"before the equipment we can do only reduce artificial, can not complete the full automation, but can be convinced that the future development trends, can complete unmanned production assembly line."He Zeyi said that in the 21st century is a era of professional technology and high-tech industry to create wealth, all industrial fields are dedicated to improve production efficiency and quality of the product.From this point, industrial robot due to its advantage of accurate and efficient will replace artificial in more and more links, market prospects look good.

"dongguan now show industry gathered advantage."He Zeyi said the jersey robot research and development of the next step one is to build a team with sales team, do product optimization and combination of equipment and intelligent;2 it is to continue to expand the overseas market, strive for more market share.So, you also need to dongguan in the field of high and new technology constantly mountain talents with policy environment policy.In addition, the robot is to popularize and apply the cost is too high.Mobile robot, for example, in the developed countries, research and development of mobile robot starts relatively early, and has been widely used in the manufacturing, even has tended to be satisfied with., by contrast, still give priority to with the imported technology, the present domestic mobile robot and confined to a few industry such as automobile factory, cigarette factories.

"robot market remains to be mature time, especially in the pearl river delta enterprise dongguan many enterprises have already felt artificial cost is high, but because of the high cost of application of robot in domestic original base development, less so hinders the development of domestic robots."Rui peng, general manager of robot hole with said, domestic robot technology and project, the price is cheaper than automated robot developed enterprises in developed countries 20%, maintenance costs are lower, this feature will be conducive to the robot products in the domestic traditional manufacturing rapid popularity.

"so, we hope the dongguan robot supporting policies, should be more and more favor of native original independent research and development of the robot to support, not limited to application support of the factory."Hole with said.(source: southern daily)

Key-word:Robot, manipulator, a car