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Source popularization CPPCC on plastic recycling machine

Published on:2015/1/27 9:24:31

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Introduction:Beijing municipal committee of the Chinese three times in the 12th conference will be opened this afternoon.On the morning of the CPPCC members, Beiji...

Beijing municipal committee of the Chinese three times in the 12th conference will be opened this afternoon.On the morning of the CPPCC members, Beijing city mechanical and electrical holding co., LTD., trade union chairman Zhao Ying said Beijing the moment the size of the plastic bottle recycling machine is far from enough, should be vigorously popularize and promote rebate amount.

Mrs Zhao Ying, the present Beijing less plastic bottle recycling machine and using rate is not high most plastic bottles at cheap prices pass to scavengers.Zhao Ying believes that the government should exert the guiding role, vigorously popularize recycling machine, and in the present ten cents a rebate on the basis of appropriate increase, but also positive publicity, cultivating citizen habit of using plastic bottle recycling machine.& other;Europe and the United States the current penetration rate over 90%, but less than 10%, we have a large space.Throughout the &;Sufficient Zhao Ying revealed that spread recycling machine will bring 15000 jobs to Beijing.

Source popularization CPPCC on plastic recycling machines,
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In order to promote recycling, Germany as early as several years ago a plastic bottle deposit when citizens buy mineral water and etc.

Supermarket in Germany, the local brand of a 0.5 liter bottle of mineral water price of 0.99 euros, the price is slightly expensive, other European countries because it also includes the 0.25 euro & other;The bottle deposit & throughout;.Germany began in 2003 as the original European a implementation of plastic bottles and cans recycling deposit system: the country residents buy below the 1.5 L water, beverage, price of 0.25 euro bottle deposit automatically, also bottle before they can get the deposit back.

Some large supermarkets in Germany have special machine to recycle the plastic bottles, such as consumers drink and plastic bottles in recycling machine, before you get to pay the deposit.

German supermarket within many different brands of mineral water, beer, fruit juice, all use the same style of bottle, there are both plastic bottles, glass bottles.Due to the shape of the bottle and unified, convenient by recycling, directly after cleaning and using.

Germany also from product to control the generation of waste at its source.BM - 7 a tinto PuKang luminance meter, such as the government has always been advocated reducing excessive packaging businesses.Often can see in the supermarket & other;Streaking throughout the &;Commodity, columns such as toothpaste but a plastic pipe, no box with cream, and in the domestic toothpaste with creams usually put on a useless paper box.

Key-word:Plastic bottles, plastic pipes