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The contradiction between supply and demand for solutions Transformation of thin film growth and competition

Published on:2015/1/27 9:24:33

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Introduction:In recent years, China's plastic film production increased year by year, annual average growth rate reached 15%.& other;Five-year & throughout;During ...

In recent years, China's plastic film production increased year by year, annual average growth rate reached 15%.& other;Five-year & throughout;During plastic film industry market will continue for more than 20% of capacity expansion, China's plastic film production in 2017 is expected to reach 19.5786 million tons, the market scale will reach 542.331 billion yuan.

In another development, the demand for plastic film will increase at a speed of more than 9% a year.With all sorts of new material, new equipment and new technology to emerge unceasingly, will cause China's plastic film in species diversity, specialty and has multifunction composite film direction.Use plastic film on cotton seedling, can extend the cotton growing period, improving the capacity of disaster relief, save the cotton, cotton production;With plastic film in the melon and fruit and vegetable seedling cultivation, can not only yield growing exponentially, and the ability to advance public supply, improving quality and prolong.

The contradiction between supply and demand for solutions Film transformation and growth of competition,
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Along with the development of the industry, plastic film manufacturing industry competition continues to intensify, domestic excellent plastic film production enterprises pay more and more attention to the study of industry market, is special for industry development environment and product the in-depth study of the buyer.Is because of so, a large number of domestic excellent plastic film manufacturing brand rise rapidly, becoming the best plastic film manufacturing industry in China even all over the world.

With the development of our country economy and the adjustment of rural industrial structure, the market demand for plastic film in all walks of life in China continue to rise.At present, plastic film is in a state of structural contradiction of supply and demand in China, the traditional film overproduction, high film is in short supply.According to the forecast analysis, China's plastic film industry market scale will exceed 500 billion yuan in 2017.

High and new plastic film in food packaging is the main reference of plastic film and sheet.During the eight years, 2013-201, the two products in the food packaging market sales are expected to be at a 5.2% compound annual growth rate to rise.

Plastic film and sheet in food packaging and applications in the field of agriculture continued to expand, also too market remains to be developed at the same time, the prospects for the industry are all positive factors.Although the PE is one of the main manufacturing plastic film and sheet a raw material, but a selection of PP are increasingly become producers, especially in the field of packaging applications.

It is worth noting that BOPP film market is developing rapidly in recent years.In addition, the packaging with the agricultural industry as well as the development of the plastic film and sheet market to give a good opportunity.

In terms of geography, the asia-pacific region will be the leader of market in the future five years.China and India will be the plastic film and sheet of the fastest growing demand the two countries.In developed countries, the traditional plastic film demand growth will slow down, but the need for special film with high isolation film will be bigger and bigger.

Key-word:Plastic film, film, BOPP