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Danger!Plastic bottles of gasoline is like a bomb

Published on:2015/1/27 9:24:33

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Introduction:Haven't oil for automobile, motorcycle to a half, some people use water bottles to buy oil emergency service station.And some citizens during fuel tan...

Haven't oil for automobile, motorcycle to a half, some people use water bottles to buy oil emergency service station.And some citizens during fuel tank is full, the remaining gas no place to put, throw away and it is a pity, also choose use plastic bottles holding extra petrol.But these practices are very big risk, once an accident consequence is unimaginable.In downtown district 垎 tower port ms wu has made such a let her dying.

A few days ago, ms wu, riding a motorcycle to go out, because I saw his car was running out of oil, so when she passed the gas station, then come on in the past.& other;At ordinary times is added ten bucks, I see every time add, so I added 20 dollars this is oil.Who knows motorcycles have to fill in the tank, the there is a lot of petrol left in the drum of the oil, so I took out half a bottle of mineral water in the bag and pour out the water, then put the rest of the gasoline in the bottle, plan to use for the fuel tank of oil remaining half of the time and then added a bottle of gasoline.Throughout the &;Ms wu said.

Risk!Plastic bottles like gasoline and other;Bombs throughout the &;
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The next two days, pointer always shows a very full tank, ms wu has no open seat to see the bottle of gasoline.& other;On these two days, I ride a bike often can smell of petrol, a thinking may be the engine of the car are scattered flavor, also don't care.Throughout the &;Ms wu said, & other;Ride for a few days later, half of the oil in the tank and then there were no difference how much, when I thought about the car seat under the bottle of gasoline.When I opened the seat, there was a stream of choking smell of petrol to, I just found the bottle of gasoline was missed.Remember when I tightened the cap and carefully checked, after sure the bottle without leakage, to put it in the locker below the saddle, but gas flow out to.Luckily this two days did not have an accident, one thousand gasoline fire or explosion, the consequences can be catastrophic, now I'm dying to think of it.Throughout the &;

Remind related professionals, with plastic bottled gas, in the filling or pouring, wall friction between gasoline with plastic, is likely to produce spark, ignition petrol or gasoline with air mixed gas, thus burning or explosion.And put on the plastic material containing gas bottle under the seat in the locker is less safe, as is the engine under the seat, motorcycle riding, the temperature will be very high, and there are many current under the saddle, if produce electric spark ignition gas, then the combustion or explosion may occur when driving.Like ms wu, this kind of situation, gas leak under the seat in the locker, its risk is self-evident.

Key-word:Plastic bottles, car