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Starlim \/ \/ sterner silicone valve how to let the liquid drip tight?

Published on:2015/1/27 9:25:08

Keyword:The mould
Introduction:Recently, starlim \/ \/ sterner to IDC (InternationalDispensingCorporation) company developed and produced by a special silica gel into the high perfo...

recently, starlim \/ \/ sterner company for IDC (International  Dispensing  Corporation) company developed and produced by a special silica gel into the high performance of feeding valve, to ensure the clean and measurement precision of the liquid is high and no drop leak.
mixed drinks, or drinks the enrichment of brewing, or branch of a large container of individual measurement, feeding valve used in growing.However, these valves are not always can meet user requirement for the size accuracy, cleanliness and drip.
with FMX - 003 electrostatic voltmeter rich experience in the silicone products processing with the most advanced analytical technology and simulation technology, starlim \/ \/ sterner The company created a perfect solution.Geometric dimensions is with the aid of computer tomography (CT) scan with appropriate help mold production.
starlim \/ \/ sterner The company's product engineering manager Leopold Puhringer said: "by slightly adjusting the geometry with more hard point of silica gel, we can fully meet the requirements of customers. Feeding aseptic sealing valve is given a large container, so also suitable to use in milk products" & have spent.

Key-word:The mould