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Umbria: green chemical engineering make the environment more comfortable

Published on:2015/1/27 9:25:39

Keyword:Rubber, plastic containers, oil pipelines, mold
Introduction:With idyllic village with mountains, scenic umbria is known as the "green heart" in Italy.Perhaps is because of this, in an interview in umbria region...

with idyllic village with mountains, scenic umbria is known as the "green heart" in Italy.Perhaps is because of this, in an interview in umbria regions, each industrial enterprise are all very emphasis on green environmental protection."Our industry is concentrated in the new energy, aerospace, chemical, and other fields, umbria is the most pay attention to the regional environmental protection, because we are the" green heart "in Italy."Umbria district, director of the association for the advancement of Argus's an interview with reporters said so.In
have come to the city and the card company in the production workshop, the reporter saw a variety of colorful plastic foam box, there are slippers shape, flower POTS, in the shape of roller, ordinary square, etc., in the shape of the plastic container because the features such as high temperature resistance, cold resistance is used in Italian hospitals, all kinds of home appliance packaging, etc.A seemingly ordinary 100 litres of yellow plastic foam box, prices are stunning: 30 to 40.& have spent"Compared so expensive, it is because of the material is to be able to and food contact, and heat preservation performance is very good, the material can also be 100% recycled, green environmental protection biodegradable."Chapter and the card company vice President luca and explains its card.
chapter according to luca and its card shows that the company is very concerned about the green energy saving and recycling, experienced in production of carbon emissions is almost zero.Its own research and development production of mould machine, in production to energy saving & have spent60%."Italy recycling classification is very accurate, we all can be 100% recycled plastic container."Chapter luca said its card.And at the city, a Chinese meaning for "leaf" Italy Italy group to do more big green energy-saving projects.Group in 2010 acquired an abandoned chemical industrial park, and reorganize, let once infected with serious industrial park into a ecological park.
to date, the Italian traditional heavy industry new look, green environmental protection industry become a sunrise industry in the future.At the edge of the flowing of the heihe river, due to the retained a few large construction during the second world war, the industrial park for hundreds of years history with historical massiness and mysterious."In the past here mainly produces fertilizer, chemicals, etc., and does not pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, serious infection. Currently we are dedicated to clean energy, campus to come is the ecological project, we want to use technology to protect the environment."Italy, group director of research and development department Frederic says to the reporter.Park on the square of three towering black "sand" 369 t love color optical density meter Has attracted the attention of reporters, go near a look turned out to be waste rubber after crushed grain, which is in the early period of the waste rubber remanufacturing three steps.And in factories, Frederic showed reporters a running a major remanufacturing machine, and a funnel type of machines were unable to use in the waste rubber made oil absorption cotton fiber are derived, and the oil absorption cotton can be applied in the oil pipeline.
according to the instructions, Italy introduced three years ago a rule, any purchase rubber manufacturing enterprises, the purchase funds will be a part of remanufacturing association, in the end is still used in the business of remanufacturing."We each year 18000 tons of waste rubber, to produce 150000 tons of rubber, waste as part of raw materials used in power generation, part used in paving asphalt, the stadium runway, children's playground, etc., never waste a little raw material."& have spentFrederic says.
park adjacent to the heihe river, the setting sun, the river clear fresh and sparkling in Italy, the river green trees and lush, no signs of being infected.In close to the edge of the heihe river park exterior walls, the reporter saw many winding pipe, total 34.According to the instructions, the Italian group after the acquisition of the industrial park, the first $10 million euros to build the sewage treatment system, the present after discharge sewage treatment system of wastewater can reach the standard of people drinking water.

Key-word:Rubber, plastic containers, oil pipelines, mold