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Toray has developed a new type of phosphor sheet

Published on:2015/1/27 9:25:40

Keyword:Adhesives, resins, cars
Introduction:Li developed can be on the premise of not ascend the input power to the brightness of the white leds components increase more than 10% of the phosphor...

li developed on the premise of not ascend the input power to the brightness of the white leds components increase more than 10% of the phosphor sheet (figure).This sheet is in the silicone resin as the main component of adhesive and fluorescence system, made use of by the blue LED with a yellow phosphor or a combination of red and green fluorescent body white leds.

toray development without increasing the input power under the premise of the brightness of the white LED devices can be increase more than 10% of the phosphor material
for this sheet to enhance brightness, so the idea should be used in high power lighting purposes.Enhance brightness to cut the use of LED device number to reduce the input power, help to reduce the weight of the car headlights with complete energy saving.Pure electric vehicles need additional charge can travel distance, complete energy-saving is helpful to extend the range and headlights.Else, the sheet can also decrease the use of high phosphor, shorten the manufacturing process, so there is conducive to lower the manufacturing cost.
sheet improve the brightness of the white LED devices was done through the following two.(1) as fluorescent adhesive silicone material refractive index is close to the LED chip, gallium nitride refractive index (2.5).(2) increasing the phosphor particle size.
that is to say, by the blue LED with phosphor composition of white LED devices, LED chip light through with phosphor will change color after the glue.Hate is LED chip, refractive index and sprinkled with phosphor glue of refractive index is different.So, some of the light from the LED chip in the chip with adhesive on the interface of total reflection and wasted.(1) is to reduce the waste amount of light by total reflection.Through ascension adhesive refractive index, the adhesive of refractive index is close to X-ray rite504 chip refractive index, reduced the amount of total reflection of light.According to toray, ordinary silicone refractive index was 1.5.And the development of adhesive is 1.6.Pointed out that the company can make effective use of so a 10% increase in the amount of light.
(2) the use of "phosphor particle size, the greater the glow brighter" principle.By mixing is bigger than before the particle size of phosphor, make the average particle size increases the 10 mu ~ 15 microns.If simply increasing the phosphor particle size can, before this is done.Before this so not to do this, is because of the greater the particle size of phosphor, and phosphor in the adhesive, phosphor sedimentation with coagulation phenomenon is more serious.Therefore, toray developed for phosphor particles can be more evenly dispersed technology.In this way, even into the big diameter fluorescent body, also can reduce the sedimentation with coagulation, enlargement of phosphor particle size.Other, uniform distribution can reduce the white color.
the new development of phosphor sheet is established in the adhesive with high concentration distribution of phosphor technology.Which can make the phosphor material thinning to 30 microns, improve heat dissipation.In use need higher brightness sometimes need to input power through ascension to ensure that the brightness, just the sheet heat the gender is tall, can use directly.
this sheet when heated to 80 degrees Celsius, will show the adhesion.So, the sheet laminated to the chips, do not need to glue.Also, and the original casting in silicone with phosphor liquid and the use of atomizer spraying method of producing the liquid, can only form a fluorescent layer on the surface of the light-emitting LED chips.In this way, can make the high phosphor (about 1 million ~ 2 million yen\/kg) dosage than traditional techniques to reduce 2 ~ 3, sometimes even can reduce.Other, can greatly shorten the need to adopt traditions after 3 ~ 5 hours of white leds process (using the wafer chip manufacturing process of LED devices).Toray, so the total cost in half of white LED devices.

Key-word:Adhesives, resins, cars