Analysis: the plastic packaging market will be further expanded

Published on:2015/1/27 9:25:44

Keyword:Plastic packaging film, polyethylene, polypropylene, plastic processing
Introduction:It is known that plastic based in cities and towns in the country, the high-speed railway build play an important role, plastic packaging market keep ...

we have learned, plastic based in cities and towns in the country, high speed railway build play an important role, plastic packaging market keep increasing.Government pays great attention to scientific and technological innovation, the plastic processing industry in light industry adjustment and revitalization of planning as a support key industries.So, the demand for plastic packaging will continue to rise.Some mature market has begun to accept the packing bag of higher performance and popularity, lightweight development trend is also the development of plastic packaging bags, the decrease of consumables with light load results in lower cost of transportation, as to meet the requirements of the interests of producers.At the same time, for the markets, the packing bag of lightweight also brought the environmental protection and convenience of the new consumption trends, is gradually to praise highly.
packing industry development trends from simple packing to innovation transformation, with the improvement of economy and consumption, packaging is no longer a simple products.Business with consumers on packaging quality, material, quality design are in ascension.In North America and Western Europe in plastic bags of using rate is very high, the change of product structure packaging demand will continue to support these areas of growth.
British plastic packaging manufacturer RPC has approved for 307 million pounds (386 million euros) acquisition of Iceland Promens group plastic products and parts manufacturers.Among
Promens group has 40 factories, 35 in Europe.There are about 3800 employees.RPC
issued a statement, said its board of directors believe about Promens business acquisition is very suitable for RPC, the combination of the two business will be in hard plastic packaging to create a powerful platform of Europe.
hard plastic packaging
RPC added that this acquisition will RPC business extension of up to a terminal market, in order to strengthen compound growth, increasing scale and reduce costs to create an important opportunity.
the RPC, Promens acquisition will bring its niche technology.Along with the group, further more, the demand for polymer will also increase, the annual demand is expected to from 325000 tons to 445000 tons, accounting for 4.5% of European polymer based on rigid plastic packaging production.
PimVervaat RPC chairman said: RPC with Promens is a match made in heaven.We are looking forward to develop more platform, in the future with shareholders transfer higher value for our customers.
moreover, RPC also published its half-year results: as of September 30, 2014 in the first six months, sales rose 12%, to 588.9 million pounds (743.5 million euros).The same period last year sales of 524.7 million pounds (662.5 million euros).Pre-tax profit 30.1 million pounds (38 million euros) from the same period last year rose to 34.9 million pounds (44.1 million euros).
with the development of economy and the increase of people's living standard, more and more demand for goods packaging, is more on commodity packaging requirements, also to the requirement of packaging use value in ascension.Rapid growth of the packaging industry output value, reveal the packaging industry big development prospect.

Key-word:Plastic packaging film, polyethylene, polypropylene, plastic processing