Ultrafine pulverizer development is analysed

Published on:2015/1/27 9:25:47

Keyword:Crusher, medicine machine
Introduction:Ultrafine comminution technology is to adapt to the modern technical requirements and developed a kind of new grinding technology, in many fields such...

super fine crushing technology is to adapt to the modern technical requirements and developed a kind of new grinding technology, in many fields such as chemical industry, food, medicine, is widely used.Although the present China setting machine types have varieties of manufacturers in the world, but for such equipment developed late in China, poor foundation, after the introduction of digestion of imported equipment, there are only a low level of imitation, and no improvement to ascension.

because of crusher in common use from all walks of life, so at home and abroad are attaches great importance to the study of grinder with development.The mill still have very big potential market in our country, but there are few real fist product has vitality and remains to be the vast number of scientific research personnel with the manufacturers of the invention, developed can not only solve the practical problems, and has high efficiency crusher, to fill the technical gap in China even all over the world.

increase along with the social needs, equipment in the use of performance, product quality, use life issues facing great test, therefore, the research and development of equipment manufacturing enterprises are expanding their own strength, we will continue to improve the equipment in ultrafine crushing work of crushing strength, particle size distribution and crystal grain type type regulation control technology, in order to achieve more efficient production.

this requires all the machinery manufacturing enterprises to superfine powder processing equipment with environmental protection low performance of the targeted improvement, strive for ultra-fine grinding technology in China can achieve low consumption, high output, no infection, finished product material grain sex good, good dispersibility unique performance advantages, such as the promotion of the competitiveness of the Chinese superfine grinding equipment to share.Therefore, the development of superfine comminution should be focused on the following point of view.

(1) development with super fine crushing equipment matching fine grading equipment and other auxiliary equipment.Superfine crushing and classification equipment of combining the closed circuit process, can improve the production efficiency, reduce the energy consumption and ensure the qualified product granularity.Can say, large capacity, high precision classification equipment is the core of the development of superfine comminution.To be more and more from the aspects of the entire process system for research and development, on the basis of the existing crushing equipment improvement, supporting with perfect grading equipment, transportation equipment products and other auxiliary equipment.

(2) to promote efficiency, reducing energy consumption, continue to improve with super fine crushing equipment improvement.Is the core of superfine comminution equipment, so, first of all, to develop new super fine crushing equipment and corresponding grading equipment, the latter seems to be more urgent.Grinding aid with surface active dispersant which are should be used for the crushing process.

(3) equipment and technology research and development integration.Superfine crushing and classification equipment must adapt to the material properties of concrete with product indicators, specifications diversification, not the existence of any material is efficient and universal superfine crushing and classification equipment.

(4) development of multifunctional superfine grinding and surface modification of equipment.Such as combination of ultrafine crushing and drying process, ultrafine crushing and surface modification, the combination of mechanical force chemistry with the combination of superfine comminution, can increase the scope of the application of superfine comminution.By means of surface coating, solid miscibility phenomenon, to the preparation of some new materials with unique properties.

(5) development research related with ultrafine comminution granularity detection and control technology.Ultrafine grinding particle size detection and control technology, ultra-fine powder is to complete one of the important conditions of continuous production of industrialization.Particle size testing instruments and measurement control technology, is closely related with ultrafine comminution, must with the experts in the field of joint research.

(6) non-metallic mineral raw materials or materials in the future, the general development trend of high purity and ultrafine and functionalization.To a high purity ultrafine non-metallic mineral processing raw materials, comprehensive exploitation and utilization of all kinds of non-metallic minerals.Although can through chemical synthesis preparation of high-purity ultrafine powder, but the cost is too high, have been unable to use in industrial production.Made a major means of ultrafine powder is still a mechanical crushing method, a mechanical way of preparing superfine powder depends on the difficulty of the superfine crushing and classification technology continues to increase, its research depth has no end.Ultrafine comminution technology is comprehensive multi-angle technology, its development also depends on the progress of related technologies, such as high Gao Ren wear-resisting component processing, high-speed bearing and determination of sub-micron particle size distribution, etc.

Ultra-fine grinding in

to enter in the direction of nanoscale, associated with the low infection wear-resisting material with nanoscale powder dispersion and evaluation will become the major technical hurdles, in the research of this Angle will be taken seriously.

(7) modern production not only seek production efficiency and product quality, at the same time towards the direction of environmental protection and energy saving, in food, medicine, machine industry.Throughout most of the requirements of modern social productive forces, China material of superfine comminution overall development trend is towards low cost, high efficiency, strong controllability, good dispersibility, reverse development of stable quality.

Key-word:Crusher, medicine machine