Black plastic workshop mountains by stealth The French open arms

Published on:2015/1/27 9:25:50

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Introduction:Yesterday, fuding nod town, Ann do GuanYang town organization, ZongZhi functional departments of law such as a joint law enforcement personnel of fudi...

Yesterday, fuding nod town, Ann do GuanYang town organization, ZongZhi functional departments of law such as a joint law enforcement personnel of fuding joint environmental protection bureau, destroying a black workshop is located in the two town at the junction of plastic m infection.

Because this illegal plastic rice mill is located in the GuanYang town jurisdiction (the common name: mountain) in the remote mountains, had a line drive jogged in rugged muddy road, about 40 minutes later arrived at the scene.At the scene to watch, black plastic meters workshop has a big rubbish dump, dirty waste plastic woven bags piled up, washed odds and ends of plastic debris piled up beside the pool waiting for processing, the sending out blast a pungent stench.In one of about 100 square meters of crude in the shanty towns, put the crusher, plastic machine, pelletizing machine and cleaning machinery and other production equipment, plastic m wire electric lap messy, poor production condition, workshop hut also significantly marks of a fire.Production experience in sewage directly into the back after the pool along the ground into the mountain stream, nod to the downstream market town of water cause serious infection.

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On inquiring, the plastics metres infection is black workshop in April this year, a republic zherong villagers in didn't get any licenses under the condition of choice in the remote mountains, hire migrant workers engaged in plastic particles processing without authorization.During the workshop has been the local relevant departments to investigate once, but recently started secretly produce plastic particles, to escape, basic is the night production stoppages during the day, the production of sewage and waste serious infected weeks edge environment.

News of a small plastic particles processing is a project of energy intensive and highly infection, its production experience of poisonous and harmful waste gas, waste water can be a serious infection, local air, water, near the harm the physical and mental health of the masses with the surrounding ecological environment, have been banned.Law enforcement officers on the spot on the plastic rice processing black workshop shall be banned according to law.At present, the case in the further investigation and handling.

Key-word:Dicing machine, grinder