Regular dragon machinery: there are pretty spell dream team

Published on:2015/1/27 9:25:53

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Introduction:Yang rich, zhejiang frequently dragon machinery technology co., LTD., general manager, he's another identity is company & other;The dream team & throu...

Yang rich, zhejiang frequently dragon machinery technology co., LTD., general manager, he's another identity is company & other;The dream team & throughout;- r&d team & other;Main & throughout;.Heard that we come to the interview, he said, opening & other;The future of the industry is with high and new technology of high-tech talents.Throughout the &;

Learned, frequently dragon machinery from hangzhou, 2013 move to anji lingang economic zone, is a grinder, surface grinder, CNC surface grinding machine, saw blade grinding machine research and development production and marketing of equipment manufacturing enterprise, enterprise covers an area of 12000 square meters, nearly 60 million yuan of sales revenue in 2014.& other;If a good people, teams, research and development the three CARDS, corporate annual output can reach 500 million yuan.Throughout the &;Yang said rich, the end of last year, led by him formed specializing in technology research and development and otherThe dream team & throughout;, the moment they are to complete & other;No one factory & throughout;Constant innovation.

The head of the idea, is the direction of enterprise development.So far, the company has gained more than 20 patents, of 2 invention patents, a year also obtained the title of national high and new technology enterprise.

Make & other;The dream team & throughout;

players to become more professional

After dinner, Gao Zhihao is the same as usual, got into the teaching department.My mind is full of layout, general manager of r&d project: how to improve precision of the workbench?How to improve the longitudinal feed longitude & hellip;& hellip;

Gao Zhihao is & other;The dream team & throughout;Captain, a heart dream machinery research and development of young people.He said: & other;If for machinery research and development, relaxed, you will be left behind.Throughout the &;

Out of the teaching department, Gao Zhihao on arrived at the workshop, to show us his office, a very ordinary glass office, in the production workshop.

Is here, Gao Zhihao eight & other;The dream team & throughout;Members of the problem, modifying loopholes found at a line every day.& other;Although we come from different positions, but that was all the same.Throughout the &;& other;The dream team & throughout;Form, which is frequently the dragon machinery technology research and development innovation.Cooperation with colleges, also is its focus on hand in cultivating talents.

Dormitory, canteen, workshop & hellip;& hellip;Everywhere in the installation of air-conditioning, machines and other equipment, filled with greet the new worker is festival.Originally, frequently dragon machinery will usher in a batch of anji vocational education center professional internship.& other;This has more than 30 students.Throughout the &;Yang, rich said, "this is a good thing to mutually beneficial and win-win, not only can solve the problem of employment of students, also can strengthen the company's research and development talent pool, cultivate a group of young talent, the company bigger and stronger the groundwork for later.

Let the manipulator to operate more universal

Scraping, polishing, measurement, flip, honing & hellip;& hellip;Into the regular dragon machinery factory room, technicians are debugging a manipulator.The news that the manipulator can simultaneously two grinding machine operation, as well as improve the machining accuracy can be significantly reduced labor.& other;The present is still in debugging stage, after waiting for process optimization to manipulation of the four sets of grinding machine at the same time.Throughout the &;Yang said rich.

From the original manual pressure after grinding to the CNC production, from buying equipment to equipment exports abroad, to begin to research and development of manipulator, currently focused on research and development is the key to the regular dragon change and progress.

Regular dragon machinery took two years to develop & other;Vertical internal and external circular grinding machine & throughout;Machine, has succeeded in high precision bearing industry, the product can meet the wind power X-ray rite504 machine with ultra-precision equipment, including aircraft spacecraft using demand.& other;Original equipment in the blade machining accuracy control difficulty expansion caused by the mechanical vibration, the vertical is very good solution to this problem.Throughout the &;Yang, rich said, can improve the precision to 1\/500th of a millimeter.

In the grinding machine equipment product acclaim at the same time, & other;Frequently throughout the dragon &;Began to consider the customer throw new problems: replacing manual operation with mechanical equipment.& other;This is entirely feasible, there are a large number of enterprises in implementing & lsquo;Machine substitution & rsquo;, including the application of the manipulator, also have a lot of practice with manipulator to operate equipment.Throughout the &;Yang, rich.

The plight of the client is frequently business opportunities of the dragon.Yang, rich said, & other;Machine throughout substitution &;Is the choice of the development of the manufacturing enterprise transformation, manipulator project is frequently the dragon in the first step in automatic production assembly line development, will in future reference robot industry, advanced technology, establish regular dragon industry robot.

The news that frequently dragon of mechanical robot production lines have been established, can be in the next 1 to 2 years to actually market the robot products.

Key-word:Robots, robot