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Blasco to invest Brazil LLDPE demand

Published on:2015/1/27 9:54:00

Keyword:Petrochemical, resin, thin film
Introduction: blasco recent investment of nearly $19 million in Brazil, the investment will make it meet the dema

blasco recent investment of nearly $19 million in Brazil, the investment will make it meet the demand of the whole country of LLDPE.
blasco is still a main factory installed the new equipment, energy saving $18.5 million a year.

blasco expand investment meet the demand of LLDPE in Brazil
as America's largest petrochemical company and the world's first biopolymers producers, blasco in its factory in bahia invested 50 million reais ($18.8 million) to expand the LLDPE production, up to 120000 tons\/year.Thus, blasco will almost can meet the domestic demand for this kind of product all in Brazil.The news that Brazil in recent years, the demand for LLDPE nearly 30% dependent on imports.
blasco karma in cary (Camaç ari) factory in a PE production line of manufacture of Flexus metallocene PE resin, in order to meet the demand in the field of thin film growth.Flexus metallocene PE resin production capacity will reach 100000 tons\/year.
according to blasco, metallocene technology represents nearly 20% of LLDPE market.
blasco announced at the same time, in order to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, which is located in Rio grande do sul Triunfo petrochemical factory of three sets of devices installed steam whistle.
Triunfo factory is a petrochemical factory first, Brazil is also one of four factories in the world.Blasco new technology is expected to save its $18.5 million a year.
steam whistle by Technip Stone & amp;& have spentWebster invention, when inserted into the distillation column, can make the liquid and steam for better contact, improve distillation and reduce energy consumption.

Key-word:Petrochemical, resin, thin film