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The test launch ceremony in crude oil pipeline project

Published on:2015/1/30 11:20:55

Keyword:Crude oil pipeline
Introduction:After five years, China and myanmar crude oil pipeline project (myanmar section) basic completion, held in Rangoon in 28 trial production.In crude oil...

Myanmar in
after five years of time, crude oil pipeline project (myanmar section) basic completion, held in Rangoon in 28 try and put into operation.
sino-burmese crude oil pipeline project (myanmar section) by CNPC, myanmar's state oil and gas company joint venture set up, the stake of 50.9% and 49.1% respectively.Project formally began in June 2010, 2014 at the end of may all mechanical completion, meet production conditions.Pipeline total length of 771 kilometers, the design throughput of 22 million tons a year, all adopt airtight transportation process at room temperature.
sino-burmese crude oil pipeline engineering with myanmar natural gas pipeline project, constitute the main oil and gas pipeline project., to the natural gas pipeline engineering by the four countries, myanmar, Korea, seal the joint venture set up six shareholders, on July 28, 2013 and put into operation ventilation, to about 3.92 billion cubic meters of gas in our country, so far as myanmar about 147 million cubic meters of gas.
the news that the project construction to establish a completed "security zero accident and zero MCP environment - T360 infection, health of zero injury, social security incident", the purpose of cash by the established "safety, environmental protection, high quality, friendship project" commitment.
as of the moment, with southeast Asia crude oil pipeline co., LTD., with southeast Asia gas pipeline co., LTD., two joint venture companies, accumulative total to $20 million m along the pipeline, 111 implementation of social public welfare projects, covers the medical and health care, education, electricity supply, water supply and so on many Angle.

Key-word:Crude oil pipeline