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Total new brand strategy -- to better energy is put forward

Published on:2015/1/30 11:20:58

Keyword:Oil, petrochemical, solar energy, crude oil
Introduction:International energy giant total group last year said a new brand strategy, is committed to better energy (CommittedtoBetterEnergy).On January 23, tot...

Last year
international Energy giant total group said a new brand strategy, is committed to better Energy (Committed  to  Better  Energy).On January 23, total group's general representative in China's north church statement to the media, the brand strategy means that the total is not as long as in the traditional oil and gas business is committed to more secure, efficient and clean energy development, production, and will be in the field of new energy sources such as solar energy, biomass energy will also speed up the pace, to develop more innovative new energy with higher cost performance.
Mr North church, to give to the society stable and energy is a major responsibility of energy companies continue to grow, but the growth of the energy supply does not represent the "energy", more safe and efficient production, product more clean environmental protection, and have innovative, higher cost performance and stability is the key to a better energy content.He stressed that the new brand strategy is not a single end point clear purpose, but a continue to improve, it is not only limited within the company, also including total customer with partners.
"is committed to better energy" is a total commitment to the world is also a commitment to our country, our country is total the most important part of global business.In recent years, total with petrochina, sinopec and cnooc company in the field of oil and gas exploration and development in the broad cooperation, actively cope with the increasingly complex in the mining technology with environmental problems, continue to increase the supply of crude oil and natural gas resources;With the same time, the total will also be the world's advanced solar energy, biomass energy, coal to olefin technology is introduced into our country, to help China's response to global climate change problems with double challenges of continued growth of energy demand.

Key-word:Oil, petrochemical, solar energy, crude oil