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Embarrassment of shale gas in the era of low oil prices two barrels of oil exploration prospects have been questioned

Published on:2015/1/30 11:21:05

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Introduction:Some analysts believe that oil prices continue to fall, the parties seek to replace energy's enthusiasm continue to fall, let the development hard sha...

, some analysts believe that oil prices continue to fall, the parties seek to replace energy's enthusiasm continue to fall, let's develop hard shale gas in trouble.
crude oil prices fall, the United States a third has been low oil shale industry.While China is in the early development of shale gas, complex geological conditions, technology is not mature, in the presence of low oil prices, China's shale gas development prospects are challenged.
last year, the energy bureau will be in 2020 the planning purpose of shale gas production cut by half, sinopec also punished by unfulfilled promises of exploration investment, the third round of shale gas, tender and the lack of progress also.
, some analysts believe that oil prices continue to fall, there are many difficulties in the development of shale gas, and the cost is high, so the enthusiasm of each Angle for replace energy has forced down.
era of low oil prices & have spentShale gas in the stagnation of the tender
recently, the oil tycoon Ross perot, son of small perot in a media interview during winter davos meeting, the United States a third of the shale industry will be lower oil prices.
in addition, there are a lot of investment in shale oil field with Rio tinto mining giant will also be disclosed, the company will shut down 40% of us before the end of this fiscal shale oil Wells.
crude oil prices continue to decline, "the era of low oil prices," the U.S. shale gas development is being the biggest trouble.China is at the early stage of shale gas development, also is not very optimistic.
it is worth noting that the national energy administration in "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" energy planning meeting will cut China's shale gas production in 2020, by 2020 shale gas and coal-bed methane production reached 30 billion cubic meters.And the shale gas "twelfth five-year" development plan (2011-2015) "mentioned in the shale gas production to 60 billion cubic meters in 2020-100 billion cubic meters, compared with" twelfth five-year "purpose, the purpose of the planning production cut in half.
by the end of last year, the ministry of land and resources announced that sinopec for unfulfilled promises of exploration investment (trait in chongqing of sichuan shale gas exploration and a quarter of the 591 million yuan investment contract is not in place) and punished.Henan co., LTD., for coalbed methane development and utilization in yu qian xiang mountain shale gas exploration and the investment is half that of commitment also punished.
Zhang Yeqing AnXunSi analysts had said to the reporter, sinopec shale gas development does not reach the designated position, companies prefer to pay a fine not accomplishing the task, might also be consider from the economy now is not suitable for development.Sinopec fuling shale gas blocks the present can only supply the local industry, from the point of technology with geological conditions, also don't have the requirement of large-scale development.Compared to
in addition, most of the corporation is also cautious, oil prices continue to fall, seeking to replace energy's enthusiasm has forced down, after all, shale gas development cost is very high.In fact, in addition to shale gas development affected, conventional natural gas use have hindered.Oil prices have been falling, but the price of natural gas, oil gas process have also been affected.
and because of oil prices, delayed action of the third round of shale gas, the bidding is stagnant.
, analysts say, shale gas development actual progress is slow, the third round of shale gas, the tender has not started, private enterprises and cooling with passion, strong wait-and-see mood.
shandong energy group co., LTD. Relevant personage also said: "a second round of bidding of many enterprises exploration effect is not too good, difficult, and investment return expectations are not clear. The third round of the tender will be more careful, have a good block vote, not just the next round of bidding."
barrels of oil in embarrassment & have spentShale gas prospects were questioned
by 2014, including the transfer of the first two rounds of bidding 21 shale gas blocks, 54, the total set of shale gas exploration area of 17 square kilometers, the introduction of 17 except oil company investment main body, accumulative total investment more than 20 billion yuan.
right now, two barrels of oil is still the main shale gas development.
, an analyst at shenyin wanguo pointed out that sinopec oil companies in our country in the most radical for shale gas development.Refined oil sales sector of mixed ownership, part will be used to meet the capital spending needed for shale gas development.Sinopec purpose shale gas production capacity of 10 billion cubic meters in 2017, the purpose of production is 7 billion cubic meters, but will also face shale gas, profitability and risk of volume growth space is limited.
it is worth mentioning that sinopec shale gas blocks single-well investment is 80 million yuan, much higher than the oil vying blocks issued 60 million yuan - 60 million yuan, however, sinopec, the comprehensive cost only 1.82 yuan per cubic meters of natural gas, is far lower than the oil in ST - 4 surface resistance tester of 2.4 yuan.But is sinopec, petrochina's water is more convenient, water should lower the cost.In conventional oil and gas market, it will be ready before the project development detailed exploration work.However, relevant departments of the shale gas development limited time required for a certain proportion of investment, and capital expenditure in order to meet the requirements of oil and gas company, exploration and development at the same time.
actually, because China's shale gas development is still in its infancy, faces many difficulties, complex geological conditions, technology is not mature.
the personage inside course of study says, the more complicated than the north American shale gas underground geologic conditions, and common than north American deep buried depth, maturity is higher than in North America, the surface condition is complex, the construction is difficult than the United States, all of these lead to China's shale gas development cost is on the high side.Analyst also believes that in
the coke yield of rockfill dam blocks in the surrounding area of exploration results not as successful as expected and it is also likely to let the market 'doubts about the outlook for the long-term development of the sinopec shale gas, exploration prospects are grim.

Key-word:Oil, petrochemical