The European commission exemption BP continues to use as refrigerants

Published on:2015/1/30 11:21:59

Keyword:Cold water machine, CO2, petrochemical
Introduction:Europe as refrigerant ban comes into effect on January 1, the European commission again, saving 2 petrochemical companies can continuously used as ref...

Europe as refrigerant ban comes into effect on January 1, the European commission again, saving 2 petrochemical companies can continuously used as refrigerants.
BP in Scotland's Grangemouth region Kinneil freezing liquefied petroleum gas facilities have allowed in January 2015 to March 1, 2017 to use 9 & have spent000 & have spentKilograms of recycle R22, DONG energy in Denmark Nybro natural gas processing plant in the future two years unceasingly to use no more than 18 & have spent300 & have spentKg of R22.Else, the Dutch navy also allows, using R22 in its two submarines.September
the previous year, reported in the British lincolnshire Theddlethorpe ConocoPhillips natural gas processing plant to get permission, in July 2016, before the continuous use of no more than 35 & have spent100 & have spentKg of R22.Based on the special requirements and the construction of the refrigeration plant since 1978, fulfill the needs of elderly Forties gas pipeline system management.At present, it is still under 50% of the British oil production with 25% of the natural gas production.
BP, points out that they have already started in 2009 for screening of R22 replace goods with evaluation.There are three kinds of refrigerants was thought to have potential feasibility.Is a kind of ammonia\/CO2, were among the list in 2010, but in 2011 it was thought in terms of technology may not line.Then, apply to replace R507, expected before the end of 2014.However, R507 GWP value than high, three & have spent985, do not conform to the requirements of the European F - gas amendment.Considered R410A before
, but did not go on, the main if because the technology is not mature at that time, at present, it is considered to be the only feasible to replace both economic and technical products, mainly used in the new refrigeration factory is established in this paper.The new plant is expected to be completed after July 2017.
BP R22 used by the department for environment, food and agricultural affairs (DEFRA) special authorization.Exemption clause, points out that found in the repair of all leak after 1005\/2009 and meet regulatory requirements, to qualify as a certain number of R22 used.
Danish - DONG energy companies, state-owned enterprises as Denmark's largest state energy firm, has exempted, its subordinate Nybro natural gas processing plant in December 31, 2017 use no more than 9 & have spent300 & have spentT recycling of R22.This factory take over 95% of the Danish gas supplies.Factory refrigeration system using two water chillers, one with a case.Backup device without filling refrigerant.Last year, of course, the standby equipment can legally filling recycle R22, but DONG energy companies believe that only use one unit operation more environmental protection, backup device in because of the huge leak accident situation, only for emergency refrigerant filling.
DONG energy companies insist, the only replace product is HFC refrigerants, the existing system but also does not accord with the requirement of Danish law.Because the number of gas supply factory in the future is still not willing MCP - T370, new refrigerant system is still pending.
the Dutch ministry of defence has successfully for the two submarines to apply for the exemption, ability of using 324 & have spent before the end of 2018Kg of R22.
study showed that began in 2003, R22 replace product choice, but based on the complexity of the navy submarine refrigeration system, the Netherlands ministry of defence without proper, can "direct filling" replace the refrigerant or else instead of the refrigerant system., of course, they also insist, refrigerant in to replace, but particularly in navy submarine is need to set more and more restrictions on the new refrigerant, and military needed to consider some of the features, such as noise, vibration, impact, and electromagnetic compatibility, etc.

Key-word:Cold water machine, CO2, petrochemical