South Korean auto parts enterprises to speed up the pace into China

Published on:2015/1/30 11:22:02

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Introduction:The Korean trade and investment promotion (KOTRA) on January 19, "south Korean auto parts support center" (KoreaAutoPartsPark, KAPP) was formally esta...

the Korean trade and investment promotion (KOTRA) on January 19, "south Korean auto parts support center" (Korea  Auto  Parts  Park, KAPP) was formally established in Shanghai in the day.Support center will be ready to enter the Chinese market development support south Korean auto parts manufacturers.
, specific support center will supply to our country automobile enterprise cooperation with companies of south Korean auto parts manufacturers to give the office, and just enter our country and the enterprise looks for a new customer advisory services and other support.
Korean trade and investment promotion our country the department chief Yin Xiaochun, with the establishment of automobile spare parts support center, commune at the local automobile industry will further improve the support system.
in recent years, the south Korean auto parts production enterprises also accelerated the pace of entering China market, as early as in 2002, South Korea than auto parts company is sichuan construction in our country the steering gear with ABS products factory, built in Beijing in 2003, specializing in the production of clutch brake pads, such as suspension parts factory.In 2004, thousands of all construction in tianjin again in the production of automobile castings plant.In 2011, thousands are still with the acquisition of Volvo geely group joint venture construction with suspension of ningbo factory production of brake pads.At the end of June 2014, thousands are officially completed in shenyang factory.So far, thousands of auto parts company for strategic overall in the three provinces of northeast China market.Expected until 2018, all will be to our company invested 450 billion won (RMB 2.76 billion), and the turnover of up to 3 trillion won (s $& have spent 18.4 billion yuan).In August
and 2014, South Korea sanyo to ziyang city, sichuan province chemical industry co., LTD formally signed the agreement on investment, sanyo will in ziyang city sichuan modern form a complete set of spare parts industry garden to establish the metal surface treatment agent, automobile antifreeze, and other auto parts production project.South Korea sanyo chemical industry co., LTD is an international well-known auto parts manufacturers, is also a modern car industry, samsung automobile industry giant supporting enterprises.According to the instructions, the project will be in September 2015 formally put into production.

Key-word:Auto parts, car