Jiangsu: disposable tableware penalty policy will be introduced

Published on:2015/1/30 11:23:04

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Introduction:Recently, the government legislative affairs office of jiangsu province is the circular economy in jiangsu province ordinance (draft) for the third ti...

Recently, the government legislative affairs office of jiangsu province is the circular economy in jiangsu province ordinance (draft) for the third time (hereinafter referred to as & other draft & throughout;)Solicit public opinion.Indicated that, in the future if the businessman to give do not degradable plastic bags, disposable tableware or will be punished, the serious will be closed for.Yesterday, the reporter visited nanjing street find restaurants, fast-food restaurants and food stands on the disposable chopsticks that often can see more, many shops have no knowledge, and the hotel's packaging box is difficult to see in the foam box, plastic box for generally shall not be degraded.

journalists to visit with the degradation of disposable chopsticks box to see
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In nanjing yesterday in the morning, set a noodles inside door street, I saw the store was crowded with customers, to give to guests using chopsticks, disposable chopsticks is on the table, picked up the chopsticks with the hand break in.To disable the disposable chopsticks, the boss Mr Wang says, & other;Can't, some guests will be disposable chopsticks, the guest need, we would have to find a way to meet.Throughout the &;

And stylistic road, south lake nearby the road, a lot of snack bar and restaurant are granted disposable chopsticks for the guests, most of the store owner in order to better serve the guests, will be disposable chopsticks on the table chopsticks box, let the guest to use.The reporter sees in the trash can in front of the shops, a large number of used disposable chopsticks tossed wildly in the bucket.Subsequently, the nanjing morning paper reporter visited nanjing xinjiekou, drum tower found in places such as restaurants, disposable chopsticks and shall not degrade the packing box is very often to see.Disposable chopsticks are more on the streets of fast food restaurant, the campus surrounding food stands, and take-away snacks are also common in the distribution of disposable chopsticks.And the white foam packing box is not used in most restaurants, instead, the round or square plastic packing box with a lid.Many restaurants boss admits, however, this kind of packing box can be repeated use, but not biodegradable products.

citizens with shop tableware difficult & other;Ring & throughout;Disposable supplies,

It is understood that the nanjing food market of disposable supplies, consumer survey hotel, ZaoCanDian, tableware health has always been a night market & other;Lead & throughout;The problem.In reality, a lot of small hotel with disposable tablecloth on the table, the chopsticks tube filled with chopsticks, if you want to pack out, businesses will use foam boxes, shop tableware difficult & other;Ring & throughout;Disposable goods.To this, a lot of snack bar boss instructions, if use biodegradable lunch box, the cost is twice as expensive.The boss also said that guests love of disposable chopsticks, break bad a little bit heavy with new, a month down to more than 1000 pairs.According to the survey, fast-food restaurant disposable lunch box, chopsticks, cups, tablecloths, toothpicks;The disposable pen in the office documents, paper towels, plastic bags, etc., these basic is throwing a time of consumer goods.

Disposable plastic tableware,
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And if residents use disposable goods are struggle.& other;I am firmly opposed to the use of disposable chopsticks.Due to the use of disposable chopsticks, it is will cause the waste of resources, not only destroyed the forest, also add the cost of decommissioning of eat hutch garbage;Infection can cause environment, this also is some of the source of the spread of epidemic diseases.But only give some hotel disposable chopsticks, I also use it alone.Throughout the &;Mr Sun says.Same citizens Chen, & other;A lot of restaurants is not very health, don't worry chopsticks clean, so the use of disposable chopsticks, disposable chopsticks is not very health, but also can't themselves with a pair of chopsticks to and from work all day!Throughout the &;While more and more citizens to environmental protection, very few use of disposable chopsticks, & other;Never active use of disposable chopsticks, but some time call fast food, with a pair of disposable chopsticks, inside you will not waste, didn't also the way.Throughout the &;& other;Basic not to use, some of my friends I also said that they use.Throughout the &;Most of the citizens, regardless of active passive, are using disposable chopsticks.& other;Sometimes, using it is also can't, but I would try to minimize the use of disposable chopsticks.Throughout the &;

Small hotel disposable chopsticks chopsticks market collected to

In fact, the public eye is difficult to identify the source of disposable chopsticks is toxic, meal without best & other;Problems of chopsticks & throughout;.Reporter survey found that most of the disposable chopsticks without production license, certificate of disinfection, such as disposable chopsticks are used in quite a number of small restaurants, nanjing city, the small hotel in the most cheap 34 double the price of 0.8 yuan wholesale & other unknown;Problems of chopsticks & throughout;And give to consumers.

More than 10 o 'clock in the morning of yesterday, the reporter discovers in several small hotel near the water Simon, each hotel front desk, put a small basket, basket is full of glistening chopsticks, chopsticks surface is very thin, plastic packaging.But let the hotel staff show chopsticks production license to the Angle of disinfection inspection report, the shopkeeper said there was, but it has to come up with relevant certificates.To this, nanjing food drug safety expert reminds, customers should avoid to use & other;Problems of chopsticks & throughout;.& other;Disposable tableware is convenient, but the loss of resources.Throughout the &;To this, disappear assist personage proposal, the disposable tableware concentrated disinfection, can prevent the spread of disease, but also save resources, shall be enforced.

To draft relevant personage thinks, in order to avoid being punished, and more and more catering industry consumables should be the use of durable goods as much as possible, change the disposable use for repeated use, encourage use of environmental protection products, in order to reduce infection.

Key-word:Plastic packaging, plastic cutlery, foam boxes, plastic boxes, plastic bags