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The fourth China commodity exhibition 2015 in Sri Lanka

Published on:2015/1/30 11:23:48

Keyword:Mold, solar energy, textile machinery, crushing machine, packaging machinery, car
Introduction:The detailed information Building materials exhibits in Sri Lanka market analysis: with more and more multinational companies in Sri Lanka, local comm...

for more informationBuilding materials exhibition

Sri Lanka market analysis: with more and more multinational companies in Sri Lanka, local commercial and office and hotel also continue to increase, the aluminum, plastic, cement, steel, iron, marble, sanitary ware, increasingly huge demand for materials such as maintenance equipment.High per capita income and strong purchasing power, with the local market increasingly mature make local residents of housing demand growth.Because of the rapid development of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka, the entire infrastructure in comprehensive build period, led to the rapid development of construction industry in Sri Lanka.In the future five years, plans to add 50000 hotel rooms, building materials products demand is almost 100% imported.

show that: the exhibition by the sri lankan Ceylon construction association with the LECS exhibition company (four consecutive years to obtain the exhibition organization President award).The LECS exhibition company has 15 years of experience in ZuZhan, hundreds of field both at home and abroad, the exhibition is organized with Sri Lanka, eighty percent of the exhibition.Ceylon building materials association is by the excellent builders and engineers (responsible for construction project in Sri Lanka), each year during the exhibition Ceylon chamber of commerce's builders to do procurement engineer will visit the exhibition.Exhibition by the building department and national economic development, commerce, labor bureau.National investment development authority, association of industry and commerce and other government agencies of the sponsor to support energetically.In 2014, more than 2014 booths, basic is the local agent 185 exhibitors, overseas exhibitors from China, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, India and other countries of the exhibitors, nearly 30 exhibitors in China.More than 10000 professional visitors to the exhibition. 10000Exhibits range


construction building materials exhibition

sanitary ware and sanitary ware and accessories, kitchen facilities and accessories, all kinds of door, wall paper, cloth art, wood door, stair and wood products, glass products, new building materials,, air conditioning and refrigeration, ceramic tile floor tile, household appliances, etc.

lighting exhibition,

advertising lighting, building lighting, automotive lighting, hospital lighting, indoor lighting, kitchen lighting, garden lighting, background lamp, wall lamp, Christmas lights, commercial lighting, decorative lighting, lamp, LED, energy saving lighting, emergency lighting and solar lighting, all kinds of lamp bulb solar products, solar, cogeneration, biological energy, biofuel, wind power, hydropower, etc.

Machinery and equipment exhibition area of

processing equipment, glass machinery, construction machinery, construction tools mould, site protective equipment, construction facilities, water pump, mining and engineering machinery, crushing machine, paver, agricultural machinery, woodworking machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, etc.

Hardware mechanical and electrical exhibition

hardware products;Hardware tools, electrical tools, assembly tools, welding tools;Hardware tools: knives locks, household hardware, hutch defends hardware;Hardware accessories, electronic accessories, furniture accessories, leather accessories, clocks and watches accessories, electrical accessories, equipment, accessories;Mechanical equipment: mechanical and electrical equipment, anti-static equipment;Building hardware, wire and cable;Hardware mold, abrasives, metal jewelry, DIY tools;Integrated products.

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Key-word:Mold, solar energy, textile machinery, crushing machine, packaging machinery, car