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New pu hydroclone in Europe

Published on:2015/1/30 11:24:58

Keyword:Polyurethane (pu)
Introduction:Wei er mining in the European market (WeirMinerals) has introduced two new heavy CAVEX hydrocyclone, respectively with CAVEXCVXU CAVEXCVXU pu hydroclo...

, wei er mining (Weir  Minerals) in the European market has launched two new heavy CAVEX hydrocyclone, CAVEX  respectively;With CAVEX  CVXU pu hydroclone;CVXU ceramic tiles, the hydrocyclone has lining materials, mainly used in the severe wear resistance and with existing CAVEX cyclone separator combined.

new pu hydroclone in Europe
CAVEX hydrocyclone bedded the unique shape of spiral inlet can make mud along the natural path, avoid any sharp edges, reduced the cyclone turbulence, helps to maximize separation efficiency, hydraulic capacity and longer wear life, at the same time, minimize the feed body wear with eddy current detector.

Key-word:Polyurethane (pu)