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The United States double anti impact China's tire industry

Published on:2015/1/30 11:25:03

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Introduction:Time on January 21, in the United States, the U.S. Commerce Department has published a passenger and light truck tires in China anti-dumping, prelimin...

Time on January 21,
the United States, the U.S. Commerce Department has published a passenger and light truck tires in China anti-dumping, preliminary results concluded that dumping tires products in China.At the same time, the Commerce Department has published a dumping and subsidies to merge early effective cutting tax rates, tax rate from 30.46% to 169.28%.The Commerce Department in the two years continuously in the ruling does not provide to tax policy, respectively, state-owned enterprises, makes zhongce rubber group co., LTD. A large number of companies such as tax rates as high as 100.2%.The United States published rate was significantly higher than previously expected, higher than that of China tire enterprises to bear ability.If the personage inside course of study, execute such tax, on Chinese tyres and related industry would be a major blow.
"we in the United States on China's tire industry preliminary comments outrage!"A history of the China rubber industry association branch of tires front secretary-general said, "this is discrimination against Chinese tire industry behavior, is a pure trade protection. Especially in the United States to ignore the wto ruling, still adhere to the unreasonable practice, refused to provide the Chinese state-owned enterprises involved in tax treatment respectively, this is very unfair for Chinese state-owned enterprises. Actually, the Chinese state-owned tire enterprises in export relatively private and foreign specifications, export product price is relatively high. The United States so high tariffs on Chinese tire enterprises, China half steel tyre export the United States, this directly affects tens of thousands of workers employment in China."
Qingdao Thai with tire co., LTD., general manager of Wang Chuanzhu say: "such a high tax rates, for U.S. dealers' for money, for most domestic tire enterprises, it is' bad '. China semisteel chocked up with basic road tire exports the United States."
it is reported that in recent years, our country tire has had the very big promotion in the quality of the product, but compared with foreign tire giant, its brand awareness is still insufficient, competitiveness is still inadequate.Analysis of the personage inside course of study, in foreign markets, our country tire today still mainly rely on price advantage to compete.Therefore, the competitiveness of the tire tariffs to weaken our country is the most effective.Published by the us department of commerce, tax rates, even if the lowest rate of 30.46%, China is basically no way semisteel tire exports the United States.Data show that during the period of "safeguard case" in 2009, the United States on China's tire tariff restrictions, for three years, of the first year to 35% duties were imposed on tire imports from China, in the second year of imposing a 30%, 25% were imposed on the third year.Affected, in the case of tire exports to the United States had fallen more than 60%, overall exports fell for the most part of tyres in China."Compare safeguard case, this & have spent their own tax rates" double reverse "so high, and time is relatively long, our tyres harder to have."The industry insiders said, "if this is the case, Chinese tires the chance to live in the United States will be completely cut off, it will be a fatal blow."
according to the national bureau of statistics and customs, Chinese tyre output 40% export, 50% of export the United States.Once the export is blocked, the tire will search for a way out, will go to Europe and other countries.In order to seize market, will start to reduce the price, each profits confirmation will be more and more thin.More deadly is "double reverse" may cause a chain reaction, other countries follow suit, so Chinese tires the original export part only in the domestic market to pursue a way out.A local rubber industry in China, domestic tire has significant excess production capacity, under the background of weak domestic sales, the "double reverse", is bound to accelerate industry reshuffle.The present its influence has been revealed.The semisteel tyres at present in China is analyzed.the is generally low, at about 80%, good enterprise shandong most businesses open probability under 60%.The top rate of shandong yongsheng tyre must turn off most of the production line.Shandong phase when the tire enterprises had been set more starts Feb. 10 or so the Spring Festival holiday.Published
giti tire company believes that although the rate of giti tire, but the rate is not reasonable, also export to USA.Giti tire company will evaluate the impact, adjust business strategy.The company has plans to invest in the United States, the current top priority is to accelerate the process of a factory in the United States.Strive to export U.S. tire production in the United States.
there are some enterprises in China with giti tire company holds the same idea, namely abroad do I avoid tariffs, such as shandong linglong tyre, hangzhou zhongce tire, the wheel Jin Yu tires, etc., selectively mostly in southeast Asia.The internationalization of China's tire has to speed up the development trend.Hangzhou zhongce in the second half of last year after the adjustment of investment strategy, set up factories in Thailand.China tire enterprises to select factory in southeast Asia, the Angle is bullish on the advantages of raw materials, more important reason is to avoid trade friction.Foreign plant, but the cost is high, the investment is big, but the big companies like hangzhou zhongce is strength.For the vast number of tires, small and medium enterprises, the road is bad.

Key-word:Tires, rubber