Home appliances and hardware will be China robot the fast-growing market

Published on:2015/1/30 11:26:21

Keyword:Engineering plastics, plastic additives, general-purpose plastics, plastic molds, plastic machinery, plastic products, recycled plastic and waste plastic
Introduction:After car, 3 c, home appliances, hardware will be the greatest potential for robots to expand the market.But, like foxconn large-scale foundry enterpr...

After car, 3 c, home appliances, hardware will be the greatest potential for robots to expand the market.But, like foxconn large-scale foundry enterprise machine substitution process is slower than expected.Siasun robot company President dao-kui qu said to the reporter, in the 3 c, home appliance industry to speed up the popularization of industrial robot, the robot will also need to be more flexible.

And catering service robot application prospect is also let a person look forward to, but to coordinate robot with the relationship between laws and regulations still need to improve.Yesterday (22nd) at the 2014 annual meeting, completely robot about the potential market of robots in the future, the Chinese and foreign robot enterprise all voted for 3 c, household appliances and hardware industry.

Robot used dao-kui qu believes that automobile industry has matured, 3 c (computer, phone, etc.) industry is a big potential market in the future, home appliance industry there are signs of growing up, after the hardware of grinding, polishing the demand is very big.So the 3 c, home appliances, hardware will be a few years the rapid development robots in the future market.

& other;Market demand by scale, into a personalized, customized, enterprises must quickly response to the market, like consumer electronics product life cycles continue to shorten, tide changed three to five months.Throughout the &;Dao-kui qu said, therefore more automation production requirements, labor shortage, loss of demographic dividend is accelerated the process of our manufacturing mode change.

& other;(robot) the biggest sales in the future in 3 c industry, mainly in southern China, amid machine substitution.Throughout the &;Shanghai fanuc robotics co., LTD., vice general manager shen laid-off think, 3 c industry is given priority to with assembly, the traditional robot is difficult to complete, can promote the intelligent robot integration system.& other;3 c is we this year to expand the areas of focus, sanitary hardware polishing demand also has rise.Throughout the &;

As the robot system integrators, the headquarters is located in dongguan of guangdong billiton starr technology company is haier, midea, TCL, HP appliances such as 3 c enterprise automation solutions to give one of.Tinto starr, chairman of Wu Fengli predicts that this year the 3 c, home appliance industry into the automation with the robot's money will be more and more.

While stone robot in wenzhou chairman Cai Shuchun feel metal polishing robot sell like hot cakes.Wenzhou metal processing enterprises, he said, a lot of, but polished worker more and more short.& other;The previous two years, I and a good friend recommended equipment, he ask how many people can be replaced, recovery cost how many years.But since the second half of 2014, the situation is different, every factory find me very urgent, there is a product (robot), immediately order due to the special polishing industry, after 80, 90, after very few are willing to enter.Throughout the &;

Cai Shuchun, for instance, stone grinding robot 2013 annual sales of 4 million yuan.Last year reached 24 million yuan, sold more than 40 units.Like the supor suddenly in shenyang was built more than 200 grinding machine.& other;This polishing grinding robot will develop rapidly.Throughout the &;

In addition to industrial robots, robot demand of China's service industry has grown.Vice President: laser 陈燚 is considered, the logistics industry, metal processing industry robot in the future development prospect.Hong-bo zheng, general manager of zhejiang China since the robot is bullish on the potential of mobile robot.

& other;More in the future potential in service robot & throughout;, nachi nachi Shanghai long wang Yang said that business planning department, such as food and beverage industry robot, in Shanghai & other;Throughout the yaohan &;Will open a robot restaurant, there will be dozens of service robots.

Dao-kui qu also said: & other;Food and beverage market.A few years ago have been applied, then stopped, navigation, still have to put a magnetic stripe in the ground.Now we have solved, so a cafe in Beijing are already using catering robot, other cities are also promoted.Using robots to replace low-skilled service personnel is ripe, because the new navigation technology, can accomplish automatic evade, walking robot.Throughout the &;Although robot application market in China is more and more fire, but the world's largest IT contract foxconn machine generation plan progress was not expected so fast.Why?

In response to a reporter's question, said dao-kui qu analysis, industrial robots is, in fact, industrial robots, or industrial mechanical arm.3 c is a key market in the future, it is necessary to add manipulator arm.& other;But there was no general mechanical arm our hand, no problem on the dexterity.People tend to do, the robot can't do it.3 c industry robot to solve the problem of dexterity, to speed up the popularization.Throughout the &;

And on the popularity of service robots, shen laid-off, warned that in Japan in 2013, Europe has said, if a robot with people, to protect the safety, the international market for people with more strict regulations between robots.Our country also should pay attention to this problem, because even if the robot is not infringe upon people, but if the hackers hijacked robots are at risk.

Key-word:Engineering plastics, plastic additives, general-purpose plastics, plastic molds, plastic machinery, plastic products, recycled plastic and waste plastic