Domestic high-end situation repeats itself in the field of robot?

Published on:2015/1/30 11:26:22

Keyword:Robot, manipulator, solar energy
Introduction:It is reported that China's current robot has become the world's largest market, but domestic robot research and development production level is still...

It is reported that China's current robot has become the world's largest market, but domestic robot research and development production level is still at a disadvantage in the international competition.Key components of the core technology for attack means, severe block robot and the benign development of the industry in China, and intensified industry & other;Countries throughout the yankees into & back;The danger.

Lack of high cost of

key technology

The present domestic robot company but a number of guangzhou control, ace, nanjing, shenyang siasun robot, etc. A few companies in the control system, with independent research and development of key parts such as servo motor drive.Many domestic companies just to buy imported components integration after assembling robot, lack of key technologies.The personage inside course of study concerns, in the long term, & other;Key components of short & throughout;Will cause the local enterprise survival space will be squeezed, & other;Countries throughout the yankees into & back;Dangerous amplification.

Because of the lack of key parts and components technology, Chinese enterprises in purchasing bargaining space narrow, high costs, market competitiveness is not strong.

Chinese academy of sciences, shenzhen institute of advanced technology, deputy director of the center of intelligent bionic robot and intelligent system of guangdong province, deputy director of key laboratory of xin-yu wu, in the cost of industrial robots, costs accounted for the highest speed machine, accounts for about 35%, accounted for about 25% of the servo motor, controller accounted for about 15%, robot ontology accounted for less than 25% in the total cost.If lack of key technologies, enterprise ontology robot can control the profit is limited.Nanjing some robot production enterprise, motor, controller, speed down machine are all imported from Japan, because the cost is too high to make ends meet.

The personage inside course of study, according to a variety of factors combined, which leads to the independent brand industrial robot manufacturers of key parts of the purchase price is usually much higher than international brand industrial robot manufacturer, is passed to the terminal price competitiveness is not strong or only choice performance is difficult to guarantee the independent brand of parts.

Domestic robots are & other;Non-standard & throughout;

Lack of key technologies, domestic enterprises get the mainstream market, compared with foreign products, the current domestic robots are non-standard products.

Tianjin a robot production enterprises, general manager of the truth, constrained by cost considerations, such as enterprise settle for second best using domestic speed down, both accuracy and life difficult with foreign products, which determine the mid-range route products can go.

While in use, the negative effect also emerge.In energy conservation and solar technology (zhenjiang) co., LTD., the use of more than 30 robot is worth more than 4500 4500 yuan, with no exception are foreign brands.The company equipment management, vice minister of li-min xu said, these foreign brands manipulator greatly save labor costs, improve the company's productivity.Later, however, because of the existence of technical barriers, maintain a lot of time to pursue these vendors support, and every time is charging, this leads to use robots cost is high.

& other;Industrial robot if installed on the production line, once broken, it means that will affect the whole production line, this is we can't bear.So the use of foreign brands robot, and helpless.Throughout the &;He said.

Key-word:Robot, manipulator, solar energy