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The centre of gravity that global balata machinery produces or will transfer to our country

Published on:2013/8/30 11:30:23

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Introduction:Current, plastic balata already was simple day no longer commonly used bottle, filmy, tire, however more infiltration arrives in the product of high-g...

Current, plastic balata already was simple day no longer commonly used bottle, filmy, tire, however more infiltration arrives in the product of high-grade, make the material that must not replace, be like parts of an apparatus of tall accurate instrument, car component, medical treatment parts of an apparatus, even in the difficult task such as oil exploration. In the rapid development of all trades and professions, plastic balata more and more the stature that show its to be not gotten or lacks.
As the development of the new material industry that national emphasis gives aid to, of the encourage policy to can maintaining development fulfil the Yan Ke that reachs environmental protection policy, plastic balata is in the developing effect of national economy is mainer and mainer, already made the material that must not replace gradually. The application of plastic balata already involved electric equipment of car, electron, medical treatment, electric home appliancesAlthough, in recent years, market of global balata machine is immersed in low fan, but be in China, pull because of what tire industry grows move, the development of industry of domestic balata machinery is very rapid, make world balata mechanical the distributinging pattern of the market is broken, instantly, the centre of gravity that global balata machinery produces presents a development trend that changes to China.
Germany is plastic balata machine association (VDMA) newest published a report to show, 2009, in the whole world in the production value of plastic balata machinery, china is occupied than be 23.5, Germany is 22.5, Italy is 12.1, the United States is 6.5, Japan is 4.1. Can look from this piece, china has overtaken Germany becomes the plastic balata machine with the oldest whole world to produce a country.
One angle, at present global tire produces business tycoon to invest to set a plant in China in succession, make world tire production center is in progressively transfer to China, for Chinese balata machinery manufacturing company raised more and more order requirement, drove the rapid development of industry of Chinese balata machinery thereby.
Another angle, because world tire makes a center be in,transfer to China, manufacturer of world balata machine also comes to China build a plant in succession, expand to produce the cooperative strength of the enterprise with Chinese balata machinery, also quickened the pace that global balata machinery transfers to China again.
Instantly, manufacturer of global balata machine in all many 800, in the center, manufacturer of Chinese balata machine occupies 1/3 above, amount to many 300. And, since 2003, sales revenue of Chinese balata machinery already ranked the whole world 6 years continuously the first. In the center, 2009, 25 what sales revenue of Chinese balata machinery takes the whole world.
While Chinese balata machinery is developing quickly, also show progress lopsided reach aftereffect to be not worth evidence, need adjusts product structure, product of high end of research and development, quicken internationalization pace, just maintain healthy progress likely. Rubber industry is being advanced decrease quantify, recycle, resource changes circular economy, energetically energy-saving fall bad news. Balata machinery produces important equipment as rubber products, in rubber industry energy-saving fall be able to develop his skill to full in bad news. Rubber company especially tire company develops circular economy, energy-saving decrease a platoon to basically handle this fountainhead take as the point of departure from equipment. Equipment will be purchased henceforth, feebleminded bad news, automation, efficient will be the first selection that equipment purchases. In balata machinery product development follows improve lieutenant general key to consider to promote efficiency, economic energy resources, reduce the factor such as infection, development follows promotion increasing energy-saving environmental protection balata is mechanical. Strengthen the clasp that waits for manufacturer with rubber products, tire goods at the same time, craft has machine couple with equipment, transform balata to have layout and facility with tire company, achieve safe, energy-saving, environmental protection, efficient goal.

Key-word:Balata machinery, balata, tire, rubber products, plastic products, car, car component, filmy