Yizumi consider construction of injection molding machine factory in India

Published on:2013/4/17 9:55:19

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Introduction:Chinese injection molding machine manufacturer of Guangdong Yizumi precision Machinery Co., Ltd. said it plans to set up a service center may have to build a new assembly plant in India

 The Iraqi Secret released on April 12 Media Open Day held at its headquarters in Foshan, Guangdong acts this gradually plans to invest in India. Guests ask to play an area of ​​81,000 square meters of the injection molding machine manufacturing plant, a project construction, the plant is scheduled to be commissioned later than in previous years.

    Revealed the secret Iraqi director, general manager Yan Wing Fai, India Skills Center of doing things in previous years, closed its doors for the year, the new plant in India probably put into operation in 2014 Suizhong.
    India impose high anti-dumping duties from the origin of imports from China in 2009 molding machine, criticized combat the trafficking of the domestic presses in India, is prompting injection molding machine manufacturers in China to India to engage in the production.
    Yan Wing Fai, the company's worldwide sales of the injection molding machine 600 million yuan of public credits from 2012 to 2015, promoted to the 12 billion public currency.
    The company's first collaboration opponents, including the the Sea Hell International Holdings Limited and Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Limited, has recently announced the sale of the amount fell sake reason is that China Plastics Processing production enterprises to suspend capital investment program.
    China's largest injection press maker Haitian submitted to the HKEx reported in March, the amount of trafficking last year fell 10% to $ 6.33 billion cadres credits Datong machine called machine sales fell 23%.
    Zhenrong Hui said, even if the company doubled sales will account for only a small part of the injection molding machine market in China.
    He said that after the completion of the investment project in India, the company also organized in the the Brazil new one worked peripheral. Globalization is a need for departments of the company strategy.
    He is in addition to that, the amount of imports (mainly sold to Southeast Asia) accounted for 20% of total sales, the company sought the road by 2015 this proportion to 30%.
    In 2011, the company bought the machine manufacturer HPM intellectual property, and in the United States to create a technical means to effect center, Zhenrong Hui said, thirsts Yizumi to repeating the HPM their market excesses Please mistakes.
    He said: "machine facilities go to the end of the golden age of Chinese Britain we need to the country, or we will encounter the same problem."
    Open Day activities, the secret Iraqi executives also introduce some of the details of the R & D program, said they are injection molding machine operating four individual development of exclusion: high-speed machines, double-plate model, the all-electric machines and HPM wonderful technology series machines.
    The company is present in the HPM series developed models, and name it the HST series with clamping forces ranging from 80-650 tons.
    The secret Iraqi plans to launch in 2014 or 2015, the commercial production of its dual-board and all-electric machines, the company politely, compared to some competitors, the company later to enter these markets.
    Zhenrong Hui said: "We are the end of the war a dual board and all-electric machines. It is true that we came late, but we do unilaterally prepared."
    The company encountered some old rivals in the all-electric market. In the country is regarded as the most strength all-electric presses manufacturers, Japanese companies will have a small piece of production to China, to high rest on our laurels.
    Zhenrong Hui said the company will develop the the appropriate Chinese market refurbished to reduce resource.
    The company's R & D strategy and its HPM assets acquired in a failed court auction for comparison.
    He said the Iraqi Secret now ready the very long-lasting, to control the timing. Much more Chinese enterprises have encountered in the acquisition of foreign assets is the title problem, they are not ready to launch a full-fledged new machine design.
    He said: "easy acquisition of assets, it is difficult to delusions if you do not do a good job to make arrangements for the natural is difficult."

Key-word:Injection molding machine