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Machinery of our country balata marchs 5 gist nod international

Published on:2013/10/25 11:17:59

Keyword:Balata machinery, balata, extruder, plastic and mechanical, tire
Introduction:Be in our country, pull as a result of what tire industry grows move, the development of industry of domestic balata machinery is very rapid, but stil...

Be in China, pull because of what tire industry grows move, the development of industry of domestic balata machinery is very rapid, but still exist can encircle the place that can choose, special it is home of be confined to of bureau of all along of company of Chinese balata machinery, occupational on the international market proportion is less, because this is in the enterprise when entering an international market to still need to accomplish 5 gist to nod: World of executive internationalization strategy sells before the rank 3 strong balata extruder businesses, its sales revenue exceeded billion yuan RMB, and sheet of company of Chinese balata machinery relies on oneself actual strength to be in very hard short-term inside squeeze into before 3 armour. So, company of domestic balata machinery should combine vicissitude of the market of international balata machine to develop tendency, standard of executive internationalization strategy, purchase through be opposite, the harmony that sale, product develops, make the enterprise marchs with brand-new attitude domestic and international market. The enterprise needs innovation of science and technology to follow ability of own research and development to develop mode to look with devoted means from the product of balata machinery company of Chinese instantly, industry of Chinese balata machinery is mixed very hard on the tide that world balata machinery develops, so company of Chinese balata machinery must promote an enterprise to expand capacity, build system of oneself unique innovation of science and technology, strengthen innovation of science and technology to follow ability of own research and development. One angle should build center of his science and technology, contend for start center of national level technology, expand to follow the cooperative strength of personnel with the high-tech school such as place of courtyard of institution of higher learing, scientific research, draw high-tech talented person energetically, enlarge the investment of scientific research charge. Industry of machinery of balata of another angle China should found platform of a communication of science and technology, let entrepreneur follow college professor, researcher to negotiate face-to-face with respect to scientific research achievement, the rapid industrialization that is scientific research achievement offers increasing opportunity. Strengthen a business the internationalization of outstanding talent as economic globalization increase further, the demand that the international market follows quality to product new technology is higher and higher also, company of Chinese balata machinery should enter international competition market, the requirement that must want to get used to the market follows the change that product technology innovates, the need of actual strength of competition of industry of international of with a view to, strengthen the internationalization of outstanding to the enterprise talent to breed, to internationalization by domestic famous brand for the enterprise large company transfers reserve actual strength, accelerate the changeover of company actual strength. Optimize an industry to organize instantly of industry of machinery of structural China balata to be in an industry to develop dimensions to change the level that changes change to assemble, so, answer to guide industry of silicon balata extruder to have reasonable structural adjustment through policy of macroscopical adjusting control. Be aimed at industry measure numerous, dimensions the phenomenon with disorder competition of small, market, china should demand of competition of international market of base oneself upon, optimize an industry to organize a structure. Through recombining, go bankrupt, the method such as annex, combination, accelerate an industry optimize adjust, enhance the international competition ability of company of Chinese balata machinery. Establishing brand of internationalization brand consciousness to build is the enterprise is done do the strong, sign that holds development to follow greatly assure, brand management is the integrated performance that a company grows a level to follow level of management. The brand meaning be sensible of instantly of company of machinery of instantly China balata compares weakness, the brand builds ability to just start. So company of Chinese balata machinery must establish brand consciousness, enlarge the propagandist strength of balata machinery brand. Want to take patent and patent strategy seriously at the same time, grow far development side according to enterprise oneself, the strategic height that runs development with globalization from international market competition will recognize the value that follows strategy of position company patent, continue to strengthen international collaboration to follow communication, those who promote a business is famous degree. With, hand-in-hand pace produces ability, next more be helpful for them widening general affairs. Together, new mastery of a skill or technique of this one meteoric treatment also widened further the economy end that chooses SantopreneTM balata to replace balata of hot solid sex. (Origin: Our country plastic mechanically-laid web is arranged)

Key-word:Balata machinery, balata, extruder, plastic and mechanical, tire