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Big company of estate of global balata machinery changed a trend to increase 2013

Published on:2014/10/28 11:19:44

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Introduction:Basis " European balata magazine " the machinery of balata of 2013 year whole world that published recently reports, sales revenue of industry of glob...

Basis " European balata magazine " the machinery of balata of 2013 year whole world that published recently reports, sales revenue of industry of global balata machinery grew quickly 2013, amplitude is achieved 13.5% . This was 2009 machinery of balata of bound of later ages of global economic depression grows 4 years continuously, and growth range innovation is tall. Supplier of instantly balata machinery is right confidence is fuller in the future, think oak machine market will last as before 2014 faster add fast.

Big company is changed in ceaseless

The report shows the global balata machine of 2013 year, the development trend that big company changes still is in ceaseless. Press 2013 sales revenue plan, the rank of manufacturer of world balata machine of the current year is calendar year will change one year the smallest. Before 5 are platform trap door of on one year, seating arrangement is fixed. H-F company lasts ceaselessly head of a list of names posted up, soft accuse share to last ceaselessly the 2nd, VMI company is listed the 3rd, kobe makes steel discharge the 4th, dalian is rubber-plastic house the 5th. The 6th to the 10th ordinal machine of oak of this world that it is beneficial / our country, Tianjin surpasses an elephant / Germany of our country, LWB/ , Desima / Germany, Telesite / Germany. 70.1% what before 10 strong sale occupy gross of world balata machinery, rise 5.8 per cent than 2012, the industry spends ceaseless promotion centrally. Industry of machine of this introduction oak is changed by the big company that began 2007 still be in ceaseless, have acceleration sign.

Advanced in 30 strong oak aircraft companies, our country has 15, germany has 4, japan has 2 each with Italy, holand, France, Austria, India, Israel, Turkey, United States each 1, balata machinery industry presents the development trend that centers to our country and Germany significantly, especially our country is becoming world balata machinery to make a center. Those who be like our country is soft accuse joint-stock company to buy British dimension to overcome company and American tire to detect equipment card TMSI, build technical center with the United States in Europe; Dalian is rubber-plastic two companies that the company bought Canada and Czech, our country enterprise have the aid of is bought recombine do do greatly strong.

Grow to give priority to fundamental key

Go out from what the sales revenue state of single company can look, grow to give priority to fundamental key. In 30 strong in the business that sales revenue grows has 25, 75% what hold sum total, growth range amounts to 11 in the enterprise of 30% . the area with respect to balata machine market, already formed our country to take the lead in, western Europe is driving still, south America follows in the situation that Europe chases after closely. The growth range of South-American market is as high as 114% , beyond the expect of people. Advanced 10 strong in, our country enterprise has 3, german enterprise also has 3. Our country changes tire because of mainland investment is vigorous reach balata machine good sexual value is compared, balata machinery grows extent to achieve 36% . Western Europe especially the balata machinery all along that German enterprise makes is regarded as symbolize high qualitily, this also is industry of German balata machinery long unabated is main reason, balata machinery of Germany grows extent to amount to 44% . With respect to the product, of tire equipment occupy than bigger and bigger, growth is the rapiddest also, device of blame tire rubber is occupied than lower and lower.

Believe to will coming the heart is very

" European balata magazine " still sold a few problems such as the situation to make questionnaire investigation technically with respect to balata machinery. In the business that accepts investigation, demand of machinery of balata of and other places of the Europe in 39 think our country, South America is reached is more exuberant. 46 think tire is mechanical is demand more driving product, on this data comparing year reduced 25. As to the enterprise plan in the future, the plan is increased produce can enterprise scale by on year 43.5% rise to 49.6% , show oak aircraft company is right the market is valued in the future. Be in our country especially, because tire invests blowout, machinery of our country balata invests apiration to achieve in recent years new tall, much home company is produced can promote 30% above.

Company of H-F of rank world first very value balata machine market, built lab of a world-class recently, increasing produce can be in upgrade product. No less than character of place of MarkMeubroek of chairman of this company board of directors, outstanding achievement behaved the company 2011 pretty good, outstanding achievement is first-rate 2012, the outstanding achievement 2013 is greater, will further upward 2014. The company is opposite the UzerMakina that ranks the 28th to was reached 2014 industry foreground is same 2015 very value, dollar of plan investment millions upgrades two factories and enlarge enrols personnel, in order to satisfy the requirement that the client continues to grow to relevant equipment.

Key-word:Balata machinery, tire, balata, rubber-plastic, detect equipment