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Excellent the technology makes Germany creates banner whole world

Published on:2014/10/29 11:17:03

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Introduction:Germany is the growth engine of European economy. Talk with respect to plastic industry, german machinery is a powerful force. German machinery is giv...

Germany is the growth engine of European economy. Talk with respect to plastic industry, german machinery is a powerful force. German machinery is given priority to with exit, its tip technology is admired by the whole world.
VDMA, —— of German project federation passes his Germany is plastic with balata machinery association —— is in 2014Fakuma(Germany plastic treatment exhibition) domain of machinery of Germany of previous generation watch undertakes all-around reveal. During, standing trustee ThorstenKühmann accepts this association interview, talked about Germany to follow market of European economy, export and problem of “ green ” to wait relevant talk endowment.

Excellent the technology makes “ Germany makes ” take the lead in the whole world

Kühmann say, europe follows in Germany, inflexible demand is relatively hopeful. This is 2014Fakuma hold laid good big environment foundation.
2006, kühmann is appointed to be German machinery Manufacturers Association (VDMA) chairman, and Europe is plastic with Manufacturers Association of rubber industry machinery (Euromap) secretary. VMDA all is located at German Frankfurt city with Euromap.
Before pursueing plastic and mechanical trade, kühmann is the vise general manager of group of trade of VDMA mining equipment. He is born in Brazil, parents is German, grow at Kenya. Before joining VDMA, kühmann is a lawyer, service at the United States one wife and children advisory company.
Germany is rubber-plastic and mechanical first half of the year 2014 exit state
Ask: In June, VDMA reduced German machinery sale to forecast, think sale will rise 2014 3% . VDMA is right at the same time 2015 sale also made the growth of 4% forecast. From that you are opposite in the future does the view that sells prospect have a change?
Kühmann: To 2014, we predict sale will drop 1% , still predicted to will rise 2015 4% .
Ask: The in year news that held in June is published on the meeting, VDMA high level says, germany is behaved with sales volume of euro area machinery driving, but country of blame euro area drops 1% . Is instantly still this kind of state? Is instantly Germany to mechanical demand situation what kind of?
Kühmann: The order that comes from German client grows with higher level ceaselessly. Quite 2013 the corresponding period, germany of month of 1-7 of the current year rose to inflexible demand 22% . The corresponding period, euro area country rises nearly 9% , and the order that comes from thalassic client already slipped 2% .
Ask: Can you analyse export market country —— from the biggest to the smallest? Is newest information what kind of?
Kühmann: Our country still is Germany rubber-plastic and mechanical the biggest export market, although compare 2013 first half of the year, 1-6 month delivered goods the volume already dropped 2014 nearly 8% .
The United States (rise 0.1%) still resides the 2nd firmly with Gao Shuiping condition. It is polish subsequently (rise 10.2%) , by the 4th jump house the 3rd. Russia backs down considerably (drop 36.5%) , rank in speaking detailed account 4. Exit follows a country in all to Czech (rise 52%) , France (drop 6.6%) and Italy (rise the mechanical stage number of 18%) follows Russia roughly exactly like. The platoon is in 8-10 is England (drop 17.3%) , Mexico (drop 11.9%) and Switzerland (rise 8.6%) .
In short, german machinery spoke a volume first half of the year 2014 compared to the same period whole drops 5.3% . In the meantime, native land demand rose 9% the left and right sides, export loss was offsetted on certain level.
  Crisis of politics of fringe of Russian black ground is pulled low volume of mechanical to Russia export
Ask: The between ground reason that Russia follows Wukelan is politics queasy whether to damage the export business that reached Russia 2014? We saw a few news, the row if, conflict produces what kind of negative effect to German auto industry.
Kühmann: Without doubt, exit already dropped considerably to the mechanical amount of Russia. Interesting is, before this kind of phenomenon begins to conflict at politics. Years whole 2013, germany exported a quantity to rise to the machinery of Russia 6.4% , but the fourth quarter is cut 33% . It is so before conflict of intervening Wu Kelan, russia economy has appeared decline phenomenon.
But, of demand of other Eastern European country rise can offset the partial loss on Russia export business, the row follows a country in all like Czech (rise 52%) , polish (rise 10.2%) , White Russia (rise 173%) , Wukelan (rise 63%) .
On base line, the effect that although Russia is brought,we see is very big, but Germany reachs Europe (Western Europe follows hamster) mechanical exit is measured still small climb litre. To Germany character, with the relation between Russia business partner still close, we hope political problem is OK and timely sincerely solve.
Euro is fatigued and weak the influence that exports business to German machinery
Ask: Let us turn to central bank of Europe of monetary problem —— to be in its reduced profit margin on the conference in September, euro goes soft so. Does exit of this mechanical to Germany manufacturer come is the country beyond euro area helpful?
Kühmann: Not, at least not remarkable. Although euro is fatigued and weak, but European money compares other currency, the row is like a dollar, still too driving. The exchange rate that follows a dollar is 1:1The likelihood is appropriate.
People has been used to the exorbitant price of euro, think when euro add dollar exchange rate falls so to 1.3 the following when, european machinery exit rises necessarily. In addition, euro is shown slightly fatigued and weak begin only at a few weeks before, inside so short time the influence to rigid business still cannot be measured.
  Topic for discussion of green environmental protection
Ask: VDMA member firm rolled out blue 2012 can effect (the concept of BlueCompetence) , exhibit in 2013K go up to be popularized considerably. Can be you told discuss newest situation? Does this concept fulfil the ground how? Ginseng of how many company follows at present in the center?
Kühmann: Nearly 400 companies had been signed join about with in the center, in the center 55 are plastic the member company that follows balata machine association. This makes our industry follows the trailblazer that protection of environmental protection, resource becomes to follow administrative efficiency in mechanical manufacturer in German factory.
Ask: Of new technology introduce OK and managing how many energy? How does the company popularize the energy efficiency of their product?
Kühmann: The report of a research that Euromap publishs was judged farther can effect raises extent —— to be as high as 55%—— to pass technical improvement below certain state, to 2020, this will be an actual proposition.
Major technology can have been gotten today. Through changing old machine, can achieve the goal that reduces specific power consumption. But, information of specific power consumption is conflicting make machine an enterprise to face a challenge. So Euromap built the sources of energy to measure a level, make this problem becomes more transparent.
As complement, euromap plans to be aimed at plastic roll out label of a the sources of energy with balata machinery. General and indifferent label will make manufacturer OK more the energy-saving order and degree that shows its machine transparently, let a client can be compared. With label of European Union the sources of energy (be like label of freezer the sources of energy) different is, euromap label is voluntary action, do not have mandatory.
Ask: Energy cost makes already aid to Germany and character is very main of course. Is VDMA driven energetically to Germany but what kind of position does the development of second birth the sources of energy hold?
Kühmann: ” of transition of German “ the sources of energy is in the whole world is unique. It only then the zoology at the beginning of 80 time moves. This experience is cut profit of Er Nuo shellfish (Wu Kelan city) island following good fortune (Japanese city) of nuclear disaster incident drive.
The influence that blessing island incident follows politics to German society can follow aeroboat of Xin Dengbao date was in the United States 1937 Lakehurst accident destroy by fire is compared. So, german industry besides transition of supportive the sources of energy, do not choose without him. VDMA is a partner with successful ” of transition of “ the sources of energy.
But, the experience of transition of the sources of energy has an organization with a kind of means that can foreknow. The industry is on-the-job when to await the sources of energy that relies on a reliable cost structure to follow security to supply. Regard a technology as the supplier, we use up the biggest limit to design as far as possible energy-saving machine, last as far as possible on this diaphaneity.
We believe ” of transition of “ the sources of energy is a challenge, but the job that is worth to do also is industry to Germany. The technology improves the process that promoting ” of transition of “ the sources of energy, create the exit opportunity that gives an attention making a person possibly also.
Ever somebody thinks, globalization can let Germany give priority to the country that guide to expand can care with traditional economy so, because belong to high-tech to follow service industry in the future, is not vintage manufacturing industry. But Germany overturned the ordinary person's view, in globalization tide, germany returns to traditional economy mode, use oneself advantage to develop his. German machinery manufacturing industry is in of the whole world because this is OK,a long time takes the lead in, as a result of,be not price element, depend on however the dependability that excellent quality, top technology follows a product.

Key-word:Balata machinery, rubber-plastic, car, plastic and mechanical, balata, plastic treatment, plastic industry